Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2288

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2288 – Sarah had been scheming for many years and treated Rodney as a backup. In the end, she got married to Rodney, that useless thing. That useless thing was not even picking up her calls and giving her attitude now.

Rodney must be regretting it. He saw Freya living so successfully while he married Sarah, a cripple. That was why he was ignoring her.

After calming down, Sarah’s gaze turned vicious.

Rodney was losing patience with her. She could not keep wasting time on him. Besides, Osher Corporation was going downhill. There was no more hope. She could just…

Sarah’s phone rang all of a sudden. It was Grady who was calling her. “Babe, I miss you. Do you want to come out? I’m in the hotel.”

“Sure, I’ll go over in a while,” Sarah said in a soft voice.

She went upstairs to dress up. She found an excuse to tell the butler and told the housekeeper to bring her out.

She had been going on dates with Grady frequently. The housekeeper was scared. “Madam, you’ve been meeting Mr. Yeager too often lately. Will Young Master find out?”

“He won’t. Rodney doesn’t come over at all now. He doesn’t care about me either,” Sarah said depressedly, “I’m a woman too. It’s too lonely being alone. Don’t worry, Aunt Celine. Grady has already bought a house for your child. He gave you quite a sum of money too. Even if you’re fired in the future, you’ll still have something to rely on.”

Aunt Celine was relieved upon hearing those words.

If it were not for Mr. Yeager giving her a large sum of money to keep her mouth shut, she would not be covering up for Sarah. “Madam, I think Mr. Yeager is very rich.”

“Of course, he’s rich. Even if he doesn’t work for the rest of his life, he won’t be able to finish spending his money.”

After some time, Sarah grew to understand Grady’s identity. Although he was not the heir of his family as he had elder brothers inheriting the family business, he was doted on by his family and brothers since he was young. He was given lots of money too. He was so much better than Rodney.

In the past, she hoped to find a rich and influential man. However, since her legs were disabled, she had no choice but to lower her standards.

Sarah had tested Grady a few times. He did not have any intention of marrying her, but he was fine with having her as a lover.

However, she did not want to be a lover.

She had to think of other ways.

Sarah glanced at the bell on her wrist. It had a hypnotic function.

Sarah wanted Grady to pamper and love her forever.

The corners of Sarah’s mouth curved up.


When Sarah reached the hotel, the door opened.

Grady brought her inside. Soon, they were tangled up in each other on the bed.

Although it was all an act, Sarah’s skills in bed were still satisfactory to Grady, who was a Casanova.

He grew up overseas and was more open-minded in that aspect. He did not care how many men a woman had slept with before. He cared much more about skills.

This game was pretty amusing to him.

However, things were different from before. The sound of a bell kept ringing in Grady’s ears.

“Grady, look at me…” Sarah kept circling his neck.

Grady, who had sweat all over his forehead, almost lost himself. Luckily, he came prepared.

A chill ran down his spine. This woman was truly wicked.

However, since she was using her tricks, he would not mind acting along.

The president’s office of Freycatheli.

Catherine received Grady’s call when she was in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. She was startled. “Are you okay?”

Grady let out a tsk. “It was lucky you guys found an expert in this area for precautions, so I didn’t fall into her trap. This woman is pretty scheming. Before this, she would spike my food or water every day. Today, she tried to hypnotize me.”


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