Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2287

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2287 – When Rodney was finally done with smashing things, the assistant bit the bullet and said, “Young Master Snow, you fired quite a number of employees from the marketing department. Those people were old employees of the company. Two of them were even on the managerial level. Many people have resigned lately, so we’re short-staffed now. Could you consider having them stay for a few more days and leave only after we hire new employees?”

Rodney’s fury that had just calmed welled up again. “Should I let them stay and scold me in my face again?”

The assistant was put in a difficult spot. “…But there are a lot of matters in the company that relies on the marketing department to handle them. If something happens to the marketing department at this time-“

“Recruit people. As long as we offer high salaries, there’s no way we won’t be able to recruit new employees.”

Rodney cut the assistant off annoyedly. He had never been scolded publicly by an employee his whole life. Moreover, Freya’s matters had caused the frustration and annoyance pent up in his chest to surge.

The assistant lowered his head and smiled bitterly. He nodded and turned around to leave.

Since President Snow would not listen to his advice, he had no choice either. The company was not his anyway.

A person like President Snow could live without worry even if the company was gone. Meanwhile, he still had to pay for his mortgage and car loan. If the company continued going downhill, he would have to make plans as soon as possible.

The office was in silence for a while. Then, Rodney mustered his courage and took his phone. He tapped into last night’s news. There was not much footage of Freya. However, passionate netizens had edited the footage. Freya stood beside Heidi and the first lady of Country N from time to time. The celadon green mermaid dress made her look calm and composed. Her features clearly looked mixed-raced, and she did a good job controlling her expressions. Every frown and smile of hers seemed classy and elegant.

Was she still the woman who used to sleep by Rodney’s side?

Was she still the woman who always went against him and fought with him?

Rodney was in a daze.

Did he not understand her enough?

Even Rodney’s parents had never attended a state banquet like that before. However, Freya participated in one first. She did not have cold feet at all.

If they had not gotten divorced, he would surely have felt proud of her as her husband.

Men would definitely be envious of him when he went out.

However, people would only mock and scold him behind his back now.

Even the past Sarah, who had not done plastic surgery and was not disabled, could not compare to the current Freya.

Moreover, Sarah was…

Rodney’s brows were knitted together in a tight frown. Sarah always cried with a pitiful expression whenever they met.

In the past, he would feel sorry and guilty. Now, he only felt increasingly irritated.

Women could take many paths. For example, Thomas hurt Freya, and her reputation was utterly destroyed. She was also hurt by Rodney and got a divorce. However, she did not wallow in self-pity. Instead, her life shone brighter.

Rodney was an i***t. He had let too many things pass him by.

He clutched his head and became absent-minded.

The phone on the table rang repeatedly, but he was too lazy to pick it up.


In the villa.

Sarah repeatedly called Rodney, but he did not pick up her calls at all.

She grabbed a pillow and threw it at the TV furiously.

There was a rerun of last night’s news on the TV.

Sarah was exasperated.

Freya actually accompanied Heidi to a state banquet and even received praises.

Why on earth?

All of those should be on Sarah’s side. She was Rodney’s wife. She should have been the person standing beside the prime minister’s wife.

Why was that divorced woman, Freya, still hanging around Nathan and his wife?

Sarah was about to go insane from anger.


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