Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2281

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2281 – Freya shrunk her neck in embarrassment. She refused to admit that she had been thinking d***y thoughts just now. “How thoughtful. I haven’t even registered the situation.”

“Oh, I thought you were thinking that I was going to…” Ryan’s smiling gaze traveled downward.

Freya covered her chest instinctively. Only when she did that did she realize that she was not wearing anything underneath. However, Ryan’s head was above her. Since her clothes were not fully buttoned, he must have seen something.

Her face blushed. She tried to get down unnaturally to look for outerwear to put on. “Sit there. I have some things…”

“Don’t go looking for clothes. I’ve seen everything.” Ryan grabbed her arm and did not allow her to leave.

Freya was so utterly embarrassed that she hit his chest in frustration. “P*****t. How did you know what I was going to do?”

“Your face is so red, and your actions are so obvious. It’s impossible not to guess it.” Ryan grinned and hugged her. “Freya, sometimes you’re just like a blank sheet of paper in front of me.”

“You’re too smart but hateful at certain times.” Freya harrumphed.

“No, you’re just too innocent in this aspect. You get embarrassed too easily.” Ryan planted a k**s on the tip of her head “Sometimes, you’re as innocent as a woman who hasn’t gotten married or given birth to a child before.”

Freya was embarrassed. “Must I be very open just because I’ve been married before and given birth to a child? I’m a woman. It’s normal for me to feel shy in front of the opposite s*x.”

“I’m not sure about howother women are. I only know you well, and I only have eyes for you.”

Ryan hugged Freya tight and rested his chin on her head. “II wanted to go home since I got off work early today, but you had been in my mind all day. I couldn’t resist coming over to meet you. Do you miss me?”

“Hmph. I’m very busy,” Freya said the opposite of what she actually felt. “I have to meet the first lady of Country N tomorrow. How would I have the time to miss you?”

“My mom told me about it.”

Ryan picked up the documents on the floor. “Are you memorizing these?”

“Mmhmm.” Freya scrunched her face. “Those names are so difficult to remember.”

“Don’t go to these banquets next time if you don’t want to memorize them,” Ryan said.

“That won’t be good. After all, Godmother is bringing me to get some experience out of her own kindness.” Freya began to worry. “It might be better for my company’s global expansion in the future if I get to know more people anyway. Since this is my own company, I can’t rely on Cathy for everything.”

“But didn’t you say the names were difficult to memorize?”

“It’s a little tough, but the complicated biological terms from back when I was studying were even harder to remember.” Freya said, “Besides, I’m still young. Endless possibilities wait ahead of me, and it’s better to work a little harder. Godmother told me a lot of things tonight as well. I admire her a lot. Even if I can’t become a person like her, learning even a little of her bearing would already benefit me a lot.”

At that, Ryan turned and lowered his head to look at her. Unbeknownst to her, there was a hint of admiration and yearning on her pretty, charming face.

Ryan’s heart throbbed, and the corners of his mouth lifted into a smile. “That’s good too. You can learn more from my mom. You might even find things manageable when you become my wife in the future.”

“Get over yourself. Who’s going to be your wife?”‘ Freya rolled her eyes.

“But I insist on having you as my wife.”

Ryan pulled her into his embrace and kissed her after speaking.

Freya initially thought that he would just k**s her for a moment. However, she soon noticed that the k**s was changing into something else.

“Stop fooling around. I still have to read the documents. Don’t disturb me…” She pushed him away while panting.

“Those documents are too rigid. You should just ask me instead. I know more details than what’s inside those documents,” Ryan said as he kissed the woman he had been missing for the whole day.

“You have to tell me then. What are you doing now?” Freya bit him in frustration.

“Come on, bite me. If I bleed from your bite, my parents might ask you about it tomorrow.” Ryan chuckled. “My mouth only got torn after exiting your house.”


On the verge of tears, Freya glared straight at him. “I’m ignoring you.”

“It’s okay as long as I care for you.”


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