Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2273

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2273 – Freya drove her car out. Meanwhile, Ryan was waiting for her at the main entrance of The Lodge.

Under the street lights, the young man was chatting with a police officer. He was wearing the suit that she had previously bought for him. From his side profile, he looked nobly handsome.

Upon noticing her arrival, Ryan openly got in the car under the police officer’s gaze.

Since that was their first time going out on a date at 11:00 p.m., Freya was quite nervous. “Are we attracting too much attention? It might arouse other people’s suspicion.”

“What’s suspicious about two family members who live together going out for supper at night?” Ryan said while fastening the seat belt. “Other people will only say that we have a close sibling relationship. It might seem even more suspicious if we try to dodge them and act surreptitiously.”

“That’s true.” Before Freya started the car, she glanced at the man beside whom she had not met for days. “You’ve been working until late at night lately, and you’re going for supper tonight. Aren’t you tired?”

Ryan held her hand and laughed deeply. “Well, this is the benefit of being with a young man. I can have supper and still feel energetic.”

“Don’t think you can act as you wish just because you’re young, okay?” Freya could not tolerate his smug look. “Beware of side effects. If you suffer from a lot of illnesses, I’ll ditch you anytime.”

“Fine. Since you said so, I’ll take care of my body all the time.” Ryan added solemnly, “I’ll start off with drinking lemon myrtle tea tomorrow.”

Freya chuckled. Only then did she start the car and ask, “Where are we having supper?”

Whenever she went out for meals with Ryan, he would always be the one to pick the venue. After all, he knew more about Canberra than her. He also knew a lot of places with delicious food.

Therefore, Freya would go along with his suggestion when they went out for meals.

Ryan thought for a moment before he said, “There’s a night market behind North Hills. One of the shops there serves great food.”

“Let’s head there then.”

Freya nodded without a second thought.

After the car traveled some distance away, it suddenly hit her that Ryan usually recommended places located in those rare courtyards or Grapefruit Restaurant. Why did he recommend a night market today?

Moreover, the market happened to be on the street behind his house.

What was he… trying to do?

Could he be planning to take her to North Hills after supper?

At the thought of that possibility, her heart began to race.

No, no. Perhaps her mind was filled with d***y thoughts again, and she was overthinking it.

Nevertheless, what if it really happened…

All of a sudden, she felt that it was sweltering in the car.

She did not even notice that the traffic light ahead had turned red and ran the red light.

Ryan’s voice sounded. “What are you doing? Didn’t you see it was a red light?”

“Was it… a red light?” Freya was shocked.

“None of the cars behind us came.” Ryan facepalmed himself. “What were you thinking just now?”

“Nothing much. I probably saw it wrongly.” Freya was extremely glum. “What a loss. To think coming out for supper would deduct my points. My points are gone because of the supper.”

“You must be careful when you drive next time. There are usually police cars on this road at night.” Ryan reminded helplessly, “If you receive a demerit later, you can take my driving license.”

“How many demerit points do you have?”

“Zero. I’ve never gotten a demerit throughout these eight years of driving.”

“What the f*k. Are you a human?” Freya blurted out in amazement.

Ryan looked at her with a pair of gentle, dark eyes, feeling speechless.

Upon noticing that her words were contrary to her elegant, pretty appearance, Freya let out a cough promptly. “Sorry for being too agitated.”

Ryan sighed softly. “You’re a woman. Who do you want to f*k?”

Freya was at a loss for words.


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