Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2265

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2265 – “As long as you know that.”

Freya was happy. She went over and pecked Ryan on the cheek.

Ryan’s hand on the steering wheel shook. He patted her hand resignedly, “Be good. I’m driving. Don’t flirt with me.”

Freya blinked her eyes innocently. “You’re hopeless. It’s just a k**s.”

“I’m only hopeless when I’m with you.”

Ryan chuckled. His voice was doting.

Freya’s lips curved.

After experiencing two failed relationships, she had been lacking in self-confidence. However, she was slowly gaining her confidence back through Ryan.

Upon returning to the official residence, Freya found Dani in Aunty Loretta’s arms right away.

Dani had grown up a lot in the two months they did not meet. She got even cuter and prettier than before. Her face was chubby too.

It was apparent that Dani had been doing fine when Freya was not with her.

Freya felt bitter and relieved at the same time.

“Dani, do you still remember me? I’m your mom.” Freya kissed Dani hard.

Dani blinked her big, dark eyes in a blur. She thought the scent of the woman in front of her was familiar, but she could not recall anything.

However, that did not stop her from taking an instinctive liking to her mother.

“Ah ah…” Dani tugged Freya’s hair out of curiosity.

“Oh, baby. Don’t pull your mom’s hair,” Aunty Loretta said anxiously.

“It’s okay.” Freya was in slight pain, but it was okay as long as her daughter was happy. “Dani, I bought a lot of toys and milk powder for you. There are also food and clothes.”

Actually, all those things could be bought in Australia as well. However, Freya went to a baby and maternity store in Country F before returning. She could not control herself and shopped a lot in the store. Her luggage could not fit everything, so some things had to be shipped back.

At that moment, Ryan entered with the luggage. Freya quickly told him to open it.

The entire luggage was filled with Dani’s things alone.

Dani’s eyes brightened when she saw so many colorful things. She kept wanting to go over to have a look.

Freya unpackaged all the toys for Dani. The mother and daughter gradually got close to each other again.

At night, Nathan and Heidi returned.

Freya presented them with the gifts that she bought overseas. “Aunt Heidi, this is a bag and a pair of heels that I bought for you. They’re from the latest collection. You’ll definitely find a use for them since you attend all sorts of banquets often.”

“That’s very thoughtful of you.”‘ Heidi nodded in appreciation. The things must have been expensive just from feeling their texture, but they were not luxury items. They were most probably from a high-end brand that was not well-known overseas.

To Heidi, a prime minister’s wife, such brands suited her best.

Nathan smiled and said, “My sweater is pretty good too. It’s just the right time to wear it now.”

Freya giggled and said, “It’s my honor that the prime minister of Australia and his wife will wear the things I gifted them.”

“You have such a sweet mouth.” Heidi laughed as she teased, “How was it? You were overseas for two months. Did you meet any handsome guys? You couldn’t have just focused on work and didn’t date at all, right?”

Freya was embarrassed. She glanced at Ryan instinctively. The latter faked a smile and said, “Mom, you’re quite open-minded. Dad, you should keep an eye on Mom. Don’t let her go overseas on her own. It’s not safe.”

Nathan pretended to be angry and hmphed. “Your mom must dislike me, an old man. There are men who are fitter and younger overseas.”

“I was asking Freya. Why did you have to involve me?” Heidi glared at Nathan angrily. “I’m just hoping that she can start a new relationship soon. Women shouldn’t miss the best timing to date while they’re still young.”

Freya felt slightly guilty. Indeed, she had not missed it. That was why she was dating Heidi’s son.


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