Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2263

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2263 – “No, didn’t I say I was just bluffing?” Freya quickly explained, “Cathy and I usually talk without filters in private. Don’t take it seriously.”

“But… I’ve already taken it seriously. I’m scared too. I’m afraid that I’m not important to you at all.”

His handsome face was cloudy. His dark eyelashes were aggrievedly downcast, covering his attractive narrow eyes.

In this world, how many women who prioritized looks could remain indifferent when they saw a handsome, good-looking, younger guy being upset?

Especially when that person was someone Freya liked and felt guilty toward.

She felt heartbroken at that moment.

She was inexperienced in coaxing a guy.

After feeling flustered for a while, she flung herself over and hugged Ryan’s neck on impulse. She kissed him on the lips. “No, that’s not true. You’re very important to me. I like you so, so much. I was just embarrassed to admit my feelings in front of my friend. I assure you that I’ll never say those words again.”

“Do you only like me?” Ryan continued being sad and disappointed. “You said you loved me over the phone.”


Freya’s cute face heated up. She gritted her teeth. She mustered her courage and whispered shyly, “I love you.”

After saying that, her heart started beating wildly. She lowered her head with embarrassment.

Ryan stared at the top of her head. A gleam of a smile flashed across his dark eyes. “Really? Do you love me? Am I dreaming?”

He bent over and tried to look at her little face.

When Freya could no longer avoid his gaze, she got embarrassed and raised her hand to punch him lightly. “Enough. You’re shameless. I’ll ignore you if you keep forcing me.”

“How am I forcing you? I was just panicked as I felt hurt because of you.”

Ryan held her little fist and held it to his chest. “I love you too. My love will only be deeper than yours.”

After speaking with his deep voice, he quickly lowered his body and printed a deep k**s on her lips.

“You’re not angry anymore?” Freya hugged Ryan’s neck. Her round eyes were bright.

“I was not angry at all. I’ll only feel sad, okay?”

After Ryan spoke, he kissed her again.

It was not just a simple k**s. It was a long, hot k**s after a long separation. He invaded and swept her mouth, showing her what longing, excitement, and love were.

Freya’s body heated up from his k**s.

During her flight back, she imagined how it would be when she met Ryan again.

Would they share a hot k**s once they met like what was depicted in TV shows? Or would they hug each other and spin in circles?

Freya got nervous and shy just from imagining those scenes. She had some anticipation too.

“Good girl. You said just now that your body looks its best now. Let me see.”

At some point, the k**s changed into something else.

There was the sound of clothes rustling in the car.

Freya scratched Ryan in embarrassment. “Ryan, you p*****t.”

The man’s deep voice rang. “Mm, it’s really perfect. You got slimmer in some parts, and other parts that are supposed to be plump didn’t change. I like it…”

Boom! Those intimate words exploded as if fireworks were ignited.

Freya was too embarrassed. She bit him on his lip. ” You’re a bad guy.”

“I’m not a bad guy. I’m a handsome younger guy. You said it yourself.”


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