Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2258

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2258 – Sarah was discharged from the hospital.

Ever since she was admitted into the hospital, Rodney did not visit aside from spending time in the hospital on the first day. He only had the sitter accompany her.

That made Sarah extremely irritable.

After returning to the villa, Rodney did not return home at all either. He evaded her by saying that he was busy at work and then told the sitter to remind her to take her antidepressants on time.

When Sarah went to look for him at the company, he was not there. When she called, he would always say that he was busy.

At home, Sarah threw hysterical tantrums every day and broke things. Even the sitter could not stand her sometimes. If not for the high salary, the caregiver would have resigned.

However, Sarah no longer dared to lose her temper at Rodney.

She was not stupid. She could sense that Rodney was not indulging her like before because he knew Freya was not the cause of her injuries. It had nothing to do with him, so he did not feel as guilty anymore.

If she were to quarrel with Rodney again, she might lose a friendship from old times. By then, Rodney might even divorce her.

Sarah would have nothing if she left Rodney.

At the thought of Rodney, that stupid food, who had started to hate her, she kicked herself.

She should never have returned. Unfortunately, there was no turning back.

Since Rodney refused to come back and she could not abuse animals, she could only shop endlessly on the streets as a way to vent.

One day, while the sitter was pushing Sarah in the mall, a foreign man accidentally bumped into Sarah as he was looking at his phone with his head lowered.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it. Are you okay?” The man’s voice had a particular foreign accent.

Sarah’s pent-up anger was about to explode, but her chest tightened when she saw the blue diamond watch on the man’s wrist. It was a special limited edition launched by Patek Philippe SA two years ago. There were only three of its kind in the whole world. The price of the watch was five million dollars. Although the price was not important for wealthy people, it was unique as it could not be bought just because a person was rich.

Sarah knew about it because she originally wanted to buy the watch for Shaun. However, she did not manage to get it, and Shaun even consoled her afterward.

Never did she expect to see it on the man in front of her.

What did that imply? It meant that the net worth and status of the man in front of her were not ordinary.

At that moment, Sarah had an idea.

She clutched her knees and frowned in pain. She looked as if it hurt badly. “My legs…”

“What… What’s wrong with your legs?” The man was flustered.

The sitter behind Sarah said anxiously, “Don’t you watch where you’re going? Our madam’s legs are currently undergoing treatment. What if something bad happens because you hit her…”

“Aunty Willow… Don’t say that.” Sarah was afraid that the man would find Aunty Willow’s words offensive. Hence, she quickly interrupted Aunty Willow and revealed a soft, forgiving expression.

“I’m sorry. I’ll send you to the hospital immediately.”

As the man spoke, he picked Sarah up in a hurry and ran toward the elevator.

“Hey, wait for me.” The sitter went after him frantically.

In the man’s embrace, Sarah secretly raised her head and eyed the man’s looks.

The young foreign man was pretty good-looking. He was 1.9 meters tall and had a buff figure. His hair was blonde, the bridge of his nose was high, and his eyes looked honest as well.

Not only that, but the clothes he wore were expensive too.

He did not have a wedding ring on his finger, so he was probably single.

Even if he were married, it did not matter.


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