Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2255

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2255 – Sarah broke down in tears. “Ever since Eliza kidnapped me, I have had nightmares every night, and I feel very crabby and stressed. I need to vent, but I can’t let you know because I’m afraid that you’ll be annoyed at me. I can’t help it sometimes, and that is why-“

“But you’re a psychologist. Why don’t you take medicine for it?” Rodney roared, “You may be harming animals now, but does that mean you’ll be k*****g people in the future? You’re my wife. If these videos spread, they’ll have a major impact on my company. I might even go bankrupt.”

“That’s… impossible, right?” Sarah was stunned.

“How is it impossible? Ever since I got a divorce, my reputation has been terrible. A lot of women are boycotting Osher. If the public knows that my wife abuses animals, it’ll cause an uproar, and the Snow family will be dragged into the mess.”

The more Rodney said, the angrier he grew. He was overwhelmed with grief, rage, and exhaustion. At that point, he could no longer contain those feelings. “Don’t you know you should get treated when you’re sick? Do you know that I initially planned to fight for Dani’s custody? Now that Ryan has videos of you abusing animals, he’ll surely help Freya. Then when it comes to filing the lawsuit, I’ll have no chance of winning.

“Why are you crying? I should be the one crying. Your kidnap and physical injuries have nothing to do with me at all. It was you who incurred Eliza’s wrath. What about me? Because of you, I sacrificed my marriage and child. Every time I visit the Snow family, my parents will criticize me. They even slapped me today.

“Why did you come back?

“Because of you, my life has been ruined.

“Besides that, it’s all your fault for insisting on having a grand wedding. Because none of the Snow family attended, everyone out there is now under the impression that the Snow family has abandoned me. I’ve hit a brick wall numerous times when it comes to work-related matters because of this. Even when I went to Country R this time, my plan came to naught even though I was so close to closing the deal.

“I beg you. Please stop being a drag on me.

“Can you stop pestering me all the time?

“Do you know how terrifying you look now?”

The man’s bellow echoed in the living room.

Rodney did not want to keep it in anymore and vented all of his dissatisfaction these days.

Big, fat tears rolled down Sarah’s face.

A wave of fear washed over her. If Rodney abandoned her right now, she would be left with nothing.

“I see… so that’s how much you hate me now. It’s best I d*e and not be a drag on you. I’ve long since wanted to d*e anyway.”

As soon as Sarah finished speaking, she turned around and slammed her head into the table beside her. Blood was oozing out of her forehead.

“Sarah…” Astounded, Rodney promptly went over to hold her.

Sarah gazed at him feebly and in despair. “Rodney… I’m sorry. Just let me d*e. I’m exhausted. I… hate my current self too.”

Then, she pretended to pass out.

Rodney hurriedly picked her up and rushed her to the hospital.

While Sarah was in the emergency room again, Rodney leaned against the wall with a numb expression.

He was tired, too tired.

Sarah was like a burden that had been weighing on him the entire time, leaving him breathless.

However, he could not get rid of her now either.

If he did, Sarah might k**l herself again.

He covered his eyes with his hands, feeling extremely dispirited.


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