Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2254

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2254 – Rodney pursed his pale, thin lips tightly and admitted that he was despicable.

However, he could not lie to himself. He sorely missed those times when he was in love with Freya.

“My g*d.” Wendy took a deep breath. “Why did I give birth to such a shameless and selfish son? Do you think we don’t care about our dignity because we’re old?”

Shocked, Rodney said awkwardly, “Mom, aren’t you very fond of Freya as your daughter-in-law? I-“

“I am, but why don’t you reflect on the things you’ve done?”

Jason could not tolerate Rodney anymore and rebuked, “You had an affair and even a child out there. Then, you married another woman in less than a week after you divorced Freya. What’s worse, your marriage with Sarah was so grand. You picked her up from a plane and gave her a wedding ring worth over ten million dollars. You did everything without considering your ex-wife’s feelings, yet you expect us to approve of you getting a divorce and remarrying your ex-wife? What do you take marriage for? A game?”

Wendy was so exasperated that she burst into tears. “Rodney, how did you become this person?”

Jason said in rage, “I’ll have you know that it was Ryan who sent me these videos, and I can’t have them deleted because I say so. Stop looking for me and get lost. I never want to see a disgusting thing like you again in my life.”

The more he said, the angrier he grew.

Jason then grabbed hold of the broom on the corridor and hit Rodney with it.

Rodney stood there numbly. It did not hurt, but the only pain he felt was when he met his parents’ resentful gazes. He shuddered and could not bring himself to stay there anymore. Only then did he turn around and leave.

Was he disgusting?

Yes. Even he was disgusted with himself.

However, if being disgusting could turn back time, he was willing to be disgusting.

Such a life was too tiring.

Why was he leading such a life?

Rodney’s eyes reddened.

When the chauffeur sent him back to the villa, Sarah was in the dining room enjoying the chicken soup that the housekeeper had cooked for her.

Upon noticing his return, Sarah’s eyes lit up. She promptly wheeled herself toward him and held his hand. “Rodney, didn’t you say you wouldn’t be back for another two days? You’re here just in time. I had the housekeepers cook some chicken soup. You can have a bowl too.”

Rodney looked at the pretty face in front of him with mixed feelings. It reminded him of her expression in the video.

How could one be so fickle?

He abruptly withdrew his hand, feeling icy at her touch.

“What’s wrong?” Sarah became a little stiff.

Rodney glanced at the housekeepers in the house. “All of you can leave us alone.”

The living room was soon left with the two of them. Sarah attempted to stretch out her hand to touch him, but he dodged her again.

“Sarah, someone caught you abusing animals and recorded it.” Rodney asked with mixed feelings, “Does cutting open a cat’s stomach with scissors bring you so much joy?”

Sarah’s body stiffened. Given that she did things like those in private, how did he know?

“You don’t have to deny it. I’ve watched the video. It was you.” Rodney said gravely, “You’re terrifying. I didn’t spend so much money treating your hands for you to take away lives.”

“No… No, Rodney. I didn’t mean to do it.”


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  1. Oh my g*d before I learned this novel I don’t have any pimples but now I do have and a little a lot and eyebags but it’s worth it I really admire the author of this novel it really gives you a twisted emotions and facial expressions while reading this novel and makes other people think you’ve gone crazy because it sometimes it also makes you laugh so hard endlessly now Im waiting for the next update

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