Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2251

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2251 – Ryan let out a long sigh. “Aunty Wendy, can you see why even my parents and I side with Freya now? Rodney can’t have the child’s custody. Both of you might be able to take care of Dani now, but you guys are already old, after all. If anything happens in the future, Dani will still end up with Rodney. Given that Sarah is so b****l toward animals, can you guarantee that she won’t treat the child the same way?”

Wendy nodded as she became enlightened.

“You’re right,” Jason added. “Although I’m clueless about psychology, I heard this behavior certainly means that she’s mentally ill. Being abusive allows her to satisfy her inner wishes. Over time, not only will she think of abusing cats and dogs but also the marginalized group.”

“Alright, Ryan. Your uncle and aunt aren’t unreasonable people.” Old Master Snow returned the phone to him. “I’ll definitely forbid Rodney from fighting for Dani’s custody. Dani will continue staying with Freya. Everything will remain the same as before.”

“I thank you for your understanding on behalf of Freya.” Seeing the scene, Ryan said with a smile, “Aunty Wendy and Uncle Jason, I understand that you’re keen on spending more time with Dani. Since Freya won’t be around for the time being, I’ll leave Dani in the old residence. Having said that, Aunty Loretta has to stay here. I’ll come and sleep here too. Anyway, my parents are busy, so it’s meaningless for me to stay there alone. When Freya is back, I’ll have to send Dani back.”


Upon hearing that, Wendy was thrilled. At first, she was unhappy that Ryan hid the matter from her. At this moment, she did not feel so at all. In contrast, she was more fond of this nephew of hers.

Although Ryan was a few years younger than her son, he was a lot more understanding. He handled things well and was considerate toward the elders too.

How could there be such a kind kid?

He was obviously much better than her two sons and daughter.

Old Master Snow was full of praise for Ryan. At the same time, he was more disappointed in his other grandson, Rodney.

No. This was not merely frustration. Old Master Snow was not hopeful of Rodney anymore.

After dinner, Old Master Snow called Jason over. “Since Sarah abuses animals, she must have done more evil things than this. If Rodney insists on staying with this woman, there’s nothing we can do. Nevertheless, Sarah is a ticking time b**b. Don’t be involved in Rodney’s affairs anymore. We need to be ready to cut ourselves off from him if necessary. We must not allow him to ruin the Snow family’s reputation.”

Jason pulled a long face while keeping quiet.

Old Master Snow sighed. “I understand that he’s your child. However, he’s a huge disappointment. Think about Snow Corporation, Carson, and Jessica. If Rodney loses everything in the future, just let him be a manager in one of the subsidiaries under Snow Corporation. Don’t let him join Snow Corporation’s upper management.”

“I’ll listen to you, Dad.”

Jason grasped the point. Now that Old Master Snow had said it, it meant that Rodney had been completely abandoned by the Snow family.


Meanwhile, the more Wendy dwelled on the matter, the guiltier she felt. After returning to her room, she gave Freya a call.

“Aunty Wendy…” Freya was always uneasy whenever she received calls from Wendy. She was worried that Wendy would cause her trouble.

She had quite a good impression of Wendy and did not want to be in a conflict with her.

“Freya, I’m calling to apologize to you,” Wendy said remorsefully, “You must’ve been worried sick when you found out that I forcefully took Dani away in the morning. I was anxious, but I’ve figured out everything now.”


Freya was puzzled. What had Wendy figured out?

Wendy continued, “Don’t worry, the Snow family certainly won’t fight for Dani’s custody. It’s more appropriate for you to raise Dani. Rodney can’t even be a good father, so he won’t fight for her custody.”

“Thank you, Aunty Wendy,” Freya said in a daze.

“Don’t worry. I’ve discussed it with Ryan. You can continue your training there at ease, okay? Although you’re not my daughter-in-law anymore, I still treat you as my daughter. I definitely won’t let Rodney bully Dani and you.”

After chatting with Wendy for a few minutes, Freya was still bewildered.

She sent a WhatsApp message to Ryan. […??? Aunty Wendy called me, and her attitude was excellent. What did you do?]

Ryan: [I showed them the video of Sarah abusing a cat, and they naturally understood the situation. During this period, Aunty Loretta and I will be accompanying Dani to stay in the Snow family’s old residence. They’ve compromised, so should you. This is the best solution.]

Freya: [Dani can stay in the old residence. With your company, I feel assured.]


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