Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2245

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2245 – Rodney’s heart jerked.

He turned and glared at the woman who was smiling vaguely. His heart fell into a deep abyss in spite of himself. “Just based on your ability?”


Catherine nodded nonchalantly. Instead of staying there, she left along with her bodyguards and Hans.

Staring at her figure, Rodney was so annoyed and infuriated that he wished he could tear her into pieces.

If Catherine had made such remarks in the past, he would just see her as a laughingstock.

However, he would not do that now. Catherine had support from Shaun, Titus, Matthew, and her biological mother, who wanted to please her and make things up to her. Even those tycoons in the world were going out of their way to butter Catherine up.

If Catherine was adamant about dealing with him, he might be no match for her without the Snow family and executive council as his support.

Rodney had never thought that Catherine would be his competitor after he married Sarah.

At present, Osher was his most capable company.

If he lost, there would be a big issue with the funds of the other companies he invested in. Hence, his years of hard work would go down the drain.

His company would naturally shut down. At worst, he would have to return to the Snow family’s house.

His parents would surely feed and clothe him well. Even so, what was the meaning of living such a life?

He would become the most useless trash in the Snow family, leading everyone to despise him.

He was wrong. He should not have promised Sarah to hold a grand wedding for her.

As the wedding was held in a high-profile manner, many people knew that the Snow family did not attend his wedding, The outsiders all thought that the Snow family had kicked him out.

Back then, he did that purely to fulfill Sarah’s wish. He never thought about the consequences that it would bring.

It was an unwise decision.

At this moment, Rodney was puzzled.

Was it really worth it to end up high and dry just to be with Sarah?

If it had not been for Sarah, he would not have lost his happy family. Nathan and Heidi would not be refusing to see him. Perhaps he could have held onto his power in Snow Corporation. Even Catherine would not have become his enemy, and he would have still been good friends with Shaun and Chester.

As for Sarah, what could she give him?

Nothing at all.

Just as he thought of the devil, the devil came calling.

“Rodney, when are you coming back?” Sarah cooed, saying, “I miss you.”

Rodney listened numbly and did not feel like returning at all. “I’m not done with the affairs here.”

“Alright. I finally met Doctor Raison to do a body check-up today. He said that I can still get pregnant as long as I nurse my health for another two to three years.” Sarah cheerfully shared the news with him. “We can then give birth to a pretty baby.”

“Mm. I have something to attend to here. I’ll hang up first.”

After tapping the ‘end call’ button, Rodney furrowed his brows tightly.

He was not keen on having a child with Sarah at all, nor was he sexually aroused by her.


To him, Dani was enough.


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