Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2235

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2235 – Freya took out the tablet computer, only to notice that Ryan had downloaded the dramas and movies her favorite actors were in.

Sometimes, she would tell Ryan her favorite actors when chatting with him. For her, the appearance of the actors would usually be the main determinant of her choice of TV dramas, and the plot would be the second. The same applied to her choice of variety shows.

Even the novels he downloaded fell under her favorite genres, namely romance and suspense.

Beside her, Tessa said, “You’re so well prepared. I didn’t even download anything on my phone.”

“It’s okay. We can watch it together.”

Then, the two of them began discussing the plot. Despite the long-haul flight, Freya was not bored.

As soon as she arrived in Country F, she texted Ryan to inform him that she was safe. [I’ve arrived safely at the destination. Did Dani act up?]

Since it was early morning in Australia, he did not expect Ryan to reply instantly.

However, once she got into the van assigned by the training center, she took out her phone and saw that Ryan had replied 30 seconds after her message was sent. [That’s good. Dani didn’t act up.]

He even sent a photo of Dani sleeping calmly.

Freya: [Did you put Dani to bed?]

Ryan: [Yeah. Dani was crying and making a fuss when Aunty Loretta put her to bed just now. But later, she fell asleep a short while after I held her, so I took Dani to s********h me in the guest room. She’s been good. When she woke up to drink some milk just now and went back to sleep, she didn’t cry either.]

Freya felt bad for him but was relieved at the same time. [Hugs, Thank you. You should go to bed early since you need to go to work tomorrow.]

Ryan: [Yeah. I was just waiting for your message. I can now sleep knowing that you’re safe.]

It warmed Freya’s heart to know that he had been awake because he was waiting for her message.

Why was he so sweet?

She had just left the country, yet on top of missing her child, she was missing him a little too. It was all his fault.

“Why are you holding your phone so absent-mindedly? Are you thinking about your boyfriend?” Tessa teased her.

“No. I was thinking about my daughter,” Freya responded with her head lowered.

“I miss my son too.” Tessa also grew sad. “When I left, my son was crying and fussing.”

Freya said with a smile, “Your son is four years old, so it’s still okay. His dad can take care of him.”

“Forget it. My husband needs to go to work, and he doesn’t even want to take care of our child after work. Luckily, my grandparents can take care of him.” Tessa said, “Sometimes, we have no choice. Being in this line of work, we have to go out to learn and exchange knowledge. We can’t forever live behind closed doors.”

“Yeah. I came this time hoping to learn more things. However, those professionals might only teach us the basics. I’m sure we will still have to go back and develop the core techniques on our own.”

“Since we’re here, they should at least teach us something.”

After two hours of journey on the road, the driver dropped them off at a hostel near the research institute. Freya and Tessa each had a room. Their rooms were bright, and the scenery outside was picture-perfect.

Nevertheless, the research institute was very far from the city. It was located in a rural area, which the only nearby town was two kilometers away.

During the day, Freya would usually be in the laboratory learning from a group of researchers, and she would sometimes be the assistant of a few experienced professors. At night, she would return to her hostel and put together her notes. Then, she would talk to Ryan through video calls.

She found that she video-called Ryan the most when she was abroad.

Every night, Ryan would hold Dani while video-calling her.

“Dani, I’m mommy. Do you miss me?” Freya greeted Dani, but Dani did not know what a video call was. At the sight of the phone, Dani extended her hand to snatch it.


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