Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2233

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2233 – “If Dani grows thinner…” Ryan said with a grin, “I’ll compensate you with my body then.”

“You wish.”

Freya pinched his t***h.

Ryan jumped at the opportunity to hold her hand. “Look. You’ll be leaving in no time, yet you’re only worried that Dani will miss you. Aren’t you worried that I’ll miss you too?”

“We can talk every day, but Dani can’t.” Freya felt a little guilty. As his girlfriend, she did, in fact, neglect him over the past two days. “Are you jealous of a kid?”

“No. I’ll just…”

When they were at a red light, Ryan leaned forward and said with a low, hoarse voice in her ear, “Miss you very much.”


As the man’s breath brushed her ear, her scalp turned numb in spite of herself.

“Eyes on the road.”

Not knowing how to answer him, Freya could only suppress her bashfulness and force out a warning.


After the car arrived at the parking lot of the airport, the two of them unfastened their seat belts. However, they were not in a hurry to get out.

Freya bit her lip with her beautiful teeth. Just as she had summoned her courage to say something, the man in the driver’s seat suddenly leaned over and planted a k**s on her lips without saying a word.

The k**s was different from before. It was passionate, desperate, and reluctant to let go.

She was stunned. Only when she was leaving did it hit her that she had neglected this man.

The two of them had just gotten into a relationship not long ago, yet she was going to be away for two months. Deep down, she suddenly began to worry.

The only thing she could do was answer him so that he would be at ease.

She wrapped her hands around his neck and answered by slowly returning the k**s.

In the enclosed space, their breathing gradually became heavier.

She could feel that his hand was starting to misbehave for the first time.

Her body stiffened for a moment, and her face soon flushed red. After all, they were both adults.

The temperature in the car was getting higher.

In the end, it was the ring of her phone that ruined the moment.

She immediately took the chance to push him away and look for her phone. Nevertheless, her mind was in a mess. She took a long time searching for her phone yet still could not find it.

“It’s here.” Ryan picked up the phone from the footpad and handed it to her.

As she glanced at her phone, she met his dark, burning gaze. Unlike his usually gentlemanly, handsome face, there was now a warm flush on his face, and his gaze looked more mature.

It shocked her so much that she did not dare to look at him anymore and promptly answered the call.

“Manager Lynch, are you here? I’m at the entrance.”‘ The caller was Tessa Jenner, another colleague from her company who would be joining the training in Country F with her. Tessa was four years older than Freya. She used to be a biologist but later entered the medical aesthetic industry. After Freycatheli was set up, she was headhunted by Freya with a huge sum of money.

Tessa and Freya were currently the most talented people with the highest potential in Freycatheli.

“I’m at the parking lot. I’ll be there in a second.”

Only after Freya hung up did she realize Ryan was straightening her clothes that he messed up just now.

At the thought of his disobedient hand, she could not help but blush again.

“You’re a mother, so you should be more experienced than me. But why do you blush so easily?” Ryan teased her.

“Who’s blushing? Your car is warm.”

Freya subconsciously refuted, “What’s more, I don’t think you’re inexperienced. Look how skillful you are…”


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