Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2232

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2232 – “I’m trying to help Ryan gain some power while I’m still in office so that he can run for prime minister,” Nathan said helplessly.

“I think you’ve been brainwashed by Old Master Snow.” Heidi shook her head. “Based on Australia’s records, there has never been a father-son duo who got elected as the prime minister. Although the Snow family aims to hold the first record for that, you can’t act forcefully and have such wishful thinking. Let nature take its course. We’re already in our 50s. Why do you want to lead such a tiring life? If Ryan is interested in your position, he’ll vie for it.”

“How open-minded you are.” Nathan forced a smile.

“I feel that the Snow family is too greedy.” Heidi darted a look at him. “Have you realized how much gray hair you’ve grown after you took over the position? There’s so much on your mind even when you sleep, and you have a lot on your plate every day.”

Nathan stroked his hair and let out a long sigh. “Maybe you’re right. Recently, I’ve assigned Ryan to the grassroots level. Only then did I notice that I’m facing a lot of obstacles. The assistants and consultants around me can’t compare to him.”

Heidi snorted. “He probably expected it, that’s why he’s fearless.”

“What should we do? Don’t you want to have a grandson?” Nathan asked while rubbing his temples.

“Let’s play it by ear. Anyway, our son isn’t simple to deal with.” Heidi sighed.

In the next two days, Freya did the handover for all her work. After she was done preparing the procedure to travel overseas, she spent the remaining time packing her luggage and accompanying Dani.

Dani had been laughing happily every day, not knowing that her mother would be away for some time.

However, each day was getting harder for Freya to part with Dani. She did not manage to sleep at all on the day she was leaving.

In the morning, Ryan placed her suitcase in the trunk. After shooting a profound look at the smiling Dani, she got in the car sadly and wept.

“Don’t worry, I’ll certainly take good care of Dani. I’ll make her feel that there isn’t a difference even though her mother isn’t around.” Ryan took a tissue and handed it to her.

“What do you mean?”

Freya glared at him with red eyes. “Now that I’ve left, I’m sure Dani will miss me. She usually clings to me the most.”

“Oh, so you mean you want Dani to be left alone in the house and think about you tearfully every day?” Ryan asked calmly.

“Of course not…”

After Freya denied it, Ryan extended his hand to caress her face. “Study hard over there. When you miss Dani, you can have a video call with Aunty Loretta and me. I promise that I’ll return home right after I get off work. I won’t go anywhere on weekends. On the day you come back, I’ll give you back a chubby kid.”

“What if she grows thinner?” Freya purposely picked holes in his promise.


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