Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2230

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2230 – Ryan would not hurt Freya.

This was what Freya deeply realized.

Catherine: [Get ready, then. You’ll be leaving three days later.]

Shortly after, Ryan sent Freya the script for the act they would be performing in front of Heidi and Nathan during breakfast tomorrow.

After Freya read the script, she replied: [Considering that I’m not a professional actor, I’m not very confident. What if Godfather and Godmother see through me?]

Ryan: [I’ve already made it concise enough. You have very few lines, and I’ll mostly be the one acting. I believe you can do it.]

Freya was at a loss for words.

Ryan: [They say all women are drama queens.]

Freya: [Who did you hear this from? I’ve never heard of it.]

Ryan: [Do practice later. If you don’t, I’ll tell Dad and Mom tomorrow that I like you, so I want to take care of your child when you’re away for training.]

Freya: [You win.]

She had no choice but to pick up the script and practice it several times.

When Freya headed to the dining room for breakfast the next day, she said to Heidi and Nathan bashfully, “Godfather, Godmom, Cathy has secured two spots for training at Quel’s medical aesthetic research institute. The training will take two months. After pondering over it last night, I’m keen on joining. Quel is-“

Before she could finish her sentence, Heidi interrupted her in astonishment, “Isn’t Quel the top luxury brand in the world?”

“Yeah.” Freya nodded honestly. “I’m still too young. If I want to have a bright future as a cosmetic chemist and develop great products for my company, I need to go out to widen my experience. Quel has hundreds of brilliant scientists from all over the world in their company, and I can learn from them. I can benefit greatly from them.”

“This is indeed a rare chance.”

Heidi nodded. She was a career-oriented, far-sighted woman who had seen the world. Therefore, she would not stop Freya. “Since you’ve made up your mind, go ahead. You can leave Dani in The Lodge, and Aunty Loretta will take care of her.”

Freya frowned and said anxiously, “Aunty Loretta promised that she’ll take good care of Dani, but… I’m still a little worried.”

After she paused for a moment, her lips curled into a sly smile. She said to Ryan, who was beside her, “Ryan, you’ve been quite free at night these days. If possible, can you come home early and help me look after Dani during this period of time?”

Ryan promptly said, “It’s possible for me to look after Dani, but you need me to do it for two months. Forget it. I’m quite busy at night…”

“What are you busy with?” Nathan suddenly put down the spoon and pulled a long face. “Do you think I don’t know that you’re just in charge of trivial matters at the grassroots level? You’re freer than anyone else after work. I suppose you’re just planning to mess around out there at night.”

A trace of annoyance flashed across Ryan’s elegant face. “Dad…”

“Enough. Your dad is right,” Heidi swiftly said, “Rather than mess around out there, why don’t you come home early and help Freya look after her child? You’re fond of Dani, aren’t you?”

“Exactly.” Freya quickly added, “Look at yourself. When you practice more and realize how cute a child is, you might want to be a father.”

Heidi was swayed as if something had awoken in her. “That’s that, then. Come home early to take care of Dani from now on.”

“Ryan, let me thank you in advance,” Freya said with a grin.

Ryan looked sulky. He had no choice but to lower his head and have breakfast gloomily. Judging from his expression, one could tell how brilliant his acting skills were.


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