Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2225

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2225 – Catherine was stunned. Eliza had sent her a WhatsApp message yesterday, so she guessed that Rodney would come looking for Freya soon. According to Eliza, Chester rebuked Rodney last night. Rodney then came here this morning to apologize to Freya.

After all, Rodney kicked her and had an affair. He must be regretting his actions now.

Unexpectedly, he infuriated Freya so much.

Fine. Rodney was a hopeless i***t.

Of course, there was another possibility, which was that Sarah told on Freya after Rodney returned home last night.

Sure enough, one must not underestimate their opponent at any time.

“Alright. Don’t be mad. I was the one who asked Eliza to tell him the truth.” Catherine patted Freya softly on the head.

“Huh?” Freya widened her eyes in shock. “Catherine, what are you trying to do?”

“This is one of my plans. Don’t worry. Although Rodney knows about it, it’s no use. The evidence that it was Eliza’s doing has already been cleared,” Catherine explained, “But I thought he came over today to apologize to you.”

“Apologize?” Freya forced a smile and pulled her collar down. “Look. He grabbed hold of my shoulders until they turned red. He definitely didn’t come over to apologize to me. He simply wanted to cause me trouble for Sarah’s sake.”

Catherine looked at Freya’s shoulders while feeling speechless. She rolled her eyes and shifted her gaze to Freya’s nails. “You just got a manicure? It’s pretty.”

“After I had my meal with Ryan yesterday, I came across a place that offered manicure services, so I did it.” Freya moved her hands. “How did it turn out? It’s pretty, right?”

“I think it doesn’t matter whether it looks pretty or not. What matters is that someone thinks it’s pretty.” Catherine smiled while darting a look at Freya’s earlobes. “Your earrings are pretty too. Were they from Ryan?”

“Yeah. When Rodney got married the other day, Ryan noticed that I was in a bad mood. He shopped with me and bought me this pair of earrings.” Freya felt better when she talked about her new relationship. “I haven’t really dressed up since I got pregnant and gave birth to Dani. But so what if I have a child now? I think I can still live like a beautiful woman.”

“Exactly. You look more vigorous after getting into this new relationship. Sure enough, women need to be in a relationship.”

Catherine was genuinely happy for her. “The earrings look good, and your nails look pretty too. It seems that you’re quite content with your new relationship.”

“There’s nothing bad about it so far.” Freya suddenly frowned in disdain as if something occurred to her. “I used to think that Rodney was good-looking, But when I saw him today, he was devastated and dispirited. The aura he used to have has disappeared. At the thought of Ryan’s handsome face, I think it was a great choice that I divorced Rodney, My relationship with Rodney was different from Shaun and yours. The love between us wasn’t deep, so there’s no need for me to backslide.”

Catherine nodded with a grin.

It struck her that Freya had gotten over it.

“By the way, I have something to tell you.” Catherine handed her a document. “I’ve come to an agreement with the beauty brand, Quel, from Country F. They’ve agreed to have two of our cosmetic chemists go over to their medical aesthetic research institute to attend a two-month training. Do you want to attend it? If you don’t, I’ll assign someone else from the team to attend.”


Freya was astonished. Having worked abroad previously, she knew full well that Quel Corporation was the top luxury brand in the world. It was not only involved in the field of cosmetics and skincare but also perfume and lipsticks. Furthermore, there were over 300 brilliant biologists and dermatologists working for the company.

As for Freya, although she had received the best novice award, she was still a novice in the industry. There was a big gap between the seniors and her.

“My G*d, how did you manage to do it?” Freya said incredulously, “Quel is a large multinational corporation. Why would they agree to work with a small company like ours?”

“It surely wouldn’t have been possible with our company’s credentials. Actually… It was Sheryl who helped us. She promised the boss of Quel Corporation to do something so that we could have two R&D personnel assigned there for training “


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