Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2222

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2222 – “But Chester is your buddy. Are you less important than a woman?” Sarah bit her lip in disbelief. “If Eliza continues to act outside the law, she might move heaven and earth to deal with me. After all, she has Chester’s support and Freya’s help. Rodney, I’m scared.”

Put in a tough position, Rodney’s lips parted. In the end, he said with a deep voice, “She won’t dare to do it, and I won’t allow her to hurt you.”

Sarah flung herself into his arms and began wailing. “Rodney, I hate how unfair this world is for letting the person who hurt me walk free from the law. Freya can hate me and k**l me all she wants, but does she have to take cover-up for the culprit?”

Rodney was stunned for a moment before he went quiet.

That was true. He only thought about the fact that Freya did not kidnap Sarah but neglected the point that Freya sided with the culprit.

Eliza did commit a crime, and her action could even be considered evil. If the culprit was not punished, she might push her luck next time.

The next morning.

Rodney went to Freycatheli bright and early in the morning. He waited almost an hour at the parking lot until he finally caught sight of Freya driving into the parking lot.

Soon, Freya walked out of the car with her purse in hand. She was wearing a pair of vintage jeans, which accentuated the curves of her slim legs and waist, and a light-colored shirt with a cashmere vest over it. Her curly, long hair was tied in a bun, and a pair of diamond-studded pearl earrings were dangling from her ears. From the youthful and bright aura she emanated, she did not look like she had given birth to a child.

Rodney was stunned. The last time he met Freya was last year, and she was wearing a thick down jacket at that time. Now that spring was here, she was glowing and full of life.

He could faintly sense that Freya’s aura was different from before. She was more beautiful and radiant now. However, he could not put his finger on it.

Once he came back to his senses, he noticed that Freya was about to enter the main building. As such, he promptly strode out of the car and dashed toward her. “Freya…”

Upon hearing the familiar voice, Freya subconsciously wanted to quicken her pace and ignore him. However, at the thought that he had been here waiting for her, he would most probably catch up with her.

She paused momentarily and turned around. Seeing Rodney’s unshaven face, she frowned.

She remembered how Rodney used to dress, which made him look more exquisite and good-looking than those popular young men on TV. He used to look around 24 or 25 even though he was 30 years old. Yet now, he did not seem to care about his appearance as much as he used to. It could be because his life with Sarah was getting worse, or he was troubled by the company’s affairs. His shirt was creased, and his eyebags were huge. His hair was so long and unkempt that he looked older than his age.

Back then, she liked Rodney largely because of his appearance.

Men liked beautiful women. Similarly, women liked handsome men.

Moreover, she had just parted with Ryan this morning. As Ryan’s clean, handsome face crossed her mind, she found Rodney disgusting for the first time.

“What’s the matter?” she asked calmly.

Looking at her pretty, young face, Rodney’s chest tightened. He asked with a hoarse voice, “Why did you ask Ryan to pick up my call last night? Did he block my number? I’m Dani’s father. What gives him the right to block my number?”

“I was the one who blocked you,” Freya said indifferently. “After all, a married man like yourself was calling me non-stop so late at night. I had to stay away from you to avoid misunderstanding, As Ryan told you, you can come to The Lodge to visit Dani. I don’t see the need for us to keep in touch all the time.”

Rodney said in embarrassment, “Since you know to stay away from me at that hour, why don’t you do the same with Ryan? You both were together until late at night. Have you no shame?”


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