Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2209

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2209 – Sarah was exasperated, but she still put on a smile on her face. “It’s okay. Money can still bе earned even if we run out of it. I believe in your abilities, but I think you should hand over the 100 million dollars to me. I’m afraid it’ll be difficult to sustain our daily lives afterward if you throw in your remaining money to the company’s cash flow. Rodney, to be honest, I want to get a doctor overseas to treat my illness. I still wish to have a child with you.”

Her eyes reddened. “I want to be a mother.”

Rodney frowned in silence and hesitated for a moment. He thought that if it were not for Freya, Sarah would not have lost the chance to be a mother. In the end, he gave her another card. “Go and treat your illness.”

“Rodney, I can definitely be cured, right? We’ll surely have a child, right?” Sarah suddenly flung herself into his embrace.

As her legs were injured, Rodney had no choice but to hug her.

Sarah cried for a while. Then, she kissed his chin. “Rodney, it’s our wedding night tonight. You weren’t willing to touch me before because, I know, I looked horrible back then. But my face is fine now. Do you think I’m pretty?”

She gazed at Rodney affectionately.

Once Rodney nodded, she kissed him and took the lead to unbutton his clothes.

Rodney was, in fact, not interested in doing it at all. However, he understood that if he did not touch Sarah that night, she might cry and wallow in self-pity again. He could already guess what she would say.

He did not want to listen to her anymore, so all he could was give her a perfunctory response. However, his body failed him. He even felt a little repulsed. There was no reaction no matter how hard Sarah tried.

“Rodney, have you always hated me?” Sarah cried out in frustration.

“No. I’ve just been too tired lately.” Rodney said powerlessly, “Besides… Besides, I have always had a problem with my body. It was like that when I was with Freya too. I’m sure you’re aware that Freya and I only had a child because of your brother’s scheme. We slept in separate rooms when she was pregnant.”

Sarah was stunned and did not quite believe him. “You weren’t like this in the past.”

“Are you talking about the time you got pregnant? I was drunk. I don’t remember it at all,” Rodney explained tiredly.

Sarah recalled the last time. It had taken her a long time to get him to have an e******n.

Did he really have a problem?

At the thought of it, Sarah became unhappy. She had experienced quite a few men before. Moreover, she was at the age where her desires were the strongest. She had been lonely for too long.

“Then… Why don’t you drink some wine?”

“Let’s do this another day, okay? I’m exhausted today.” Rodney avoided her and slipped into the bathroom.

Sarah threw a pillow on the floor out of anger.

She should not have returned to Australia. She should have just found a man overseas. It would have been much better than getting Rodney, a useless l***r with no money.

Unfortunately, she was disabled.

After the wedding, the useless Rodney kept finding excuses and returning home late for consecutive days to avoid Sarah.

One night, he received an invitation to a dinner, which he could have chosen not to go. However, he still went because he did not want to face Sarah at home.

If it were before, many people would start approaching him as soon as he entered. However, things were not what they used to be anymore. Everyone just exchanged pleasantries when they saw his arrival. Then, they would look for business tycoons that were far more capable. Even minor celebrities did not want to get close to Rodney.

After greeting the banquet’s host, Rodney walked toward the couches in the corner.


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