Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2206

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2206 – “Don’t talk as if I’ve accepted your proposal. You’re still on probation. You’re not even officially my boyfriend yet.” Freya harrumphed.

“Okay. I will perform well. Let’s go on a date and watch a movie tomorrow night, okay?”

“Okay.” Freya agreed without even thinking.

It just so happened that tomorrow would be Rodney’s wedding. If she was alone, she might get angrier thinking about it. Since she had a boyfriend to accompany and coax her, her mood might not be that bad.

The next day.

In a six-star hotel, a grand wedding was about to be held.

In the presidential suite on the 22nd floor, Sarah was wearing a wedding dress fully embroidered with fancy diamonds. A few makeup artists were flattering her as they touched up her makeup.

“Miss Neeson, your features are so intricate. It’s my first time finding it so easy to put on makeup for a bride.”

“Miss Neeson, your wedding dress is so pretty. I heard Young Master Snow hired a top wedding dress designer overseas to have it custom-made for you. These must be all diamonds on the dress. Young Master Snow is so nice to you.”

“Hey, why are you still calling her Miss Neeson? She should be addressed as Young Madam Snow.”

“Young Madam Snow, the diamond of the ring on your finger is as huge as a goose egg. I’m so envious.”

” …”

Rodney stood before the floor-to-ceiling windows, feeling annoyed as he listened to a bunch of people behind him flattering and chattering. It felt as if a huge stone was pressing on his chest.

What did the makeup artist mean by her first time finding it so easy to put on makeup for a bride?

They have been touching up Sarah’s makeup since 5:00 a.m. How was that considered easy?

As for Young Madam Snow…

That form of address had belonged to another person just some time ago.

Rodney did not want to hear other people addressing Sarah that way.

“Rodney, are your parents here yet?” Sarah suddenly asked him.

Rodney’s handsome face stiffened. Then, he turned around and said to the makeup artists, “All of you can step out and wait.”

When only the two of them were in the room, he said, “My parents aren’t available today, so they won’t be here.”

“What do you mean by they’re not available? You’re their son. You’re getting married today.” Sarah became agitated. “If they’re not coming today, our wedding will be ridiculed!”

“It won’t. Today’s wedding is so grand. People will only be envious of you,” Rodney consoled her in a low voice.

“Fine. You have so many relatives in the Snow family anyway. Even if your parents aren’t coming, your relatives will, right?” Sarah said, settling for the next best thing.

“Sarah, this wedding is only about the both of us…” Rodney did not want to lie to her.

“So you’re saying that no one from the Snow family will come today?” It made Sarah upset. “What do they mean by this? Do they hate me because I’m disabled? Do I embarrass the Snow family that much?”

“No. Please don’t think of it that way…”

“Those people will surely talk about me behind my back as if I’m a joke.” Sarah cut him off in annoyance.


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