Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2203

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2203 – Freya: [Your mom didn’t say anything, did she?]

Ryan: [It was everything you told me earlier. I turned a deaf ear to her.]

Freya: […So you’re really going to the grassroots level tomorrow?]

Ryan: [Yes. Do you want to come over to console me?]

Freya: [Haha. You deserve it. It’s your fault for falling in love with me.]

Ryan: [There’s no helping it. Someone is just too charming, pretty, s**y, cute, sweet, and capable…]

Freya almost laughed out loud. [Keep going. Why don’t you compliment me some more? I haven’t heard enough.]

Ryan: [Um… I can’t. It’ll seem too fake if I compliment you further.]

Freya: [Hmph. Now I’m angry. Do you mean I only have those few good points?]

Ryan immediately sent a WhatsApp sticker of a person begging for his wife’s forgiveness.

Freya burst out laughing, but she still sent an angry emoji to him. [Who’s your wife?]

Ryan: [Alright, babe. I’ve decided to sacrifice my body in the middle of the night to quell your anger.]

Freya: [???]

Her heart started beating wildly. What did he mean by sacrificing his body in the middle of the night?

As she was thinking about it, Ryan sent her a selfie of him standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror of his dressing room. He only had a pair of thin gray pajama pants on him, and his upper body was n***d. The lights on top of him shone on his tight abs, highlighting the abdominal V lines that trailed downward and disappeared at the edge of his pajama pants. It made her imaginations run wild.

In the dark and silent night, Freya stared at the picture on her phone. A wave of heat rushed up to her head.

It was too s**y.

Although he had seen his upper body n***d that once when she went to look for him in the morning, it was just a glance. She could not stare openly like what she was doing to the picture at that moment. She observed his body closely and recalled that he did not have so many packs before. Has he been secretly working out recently?

He was really a scheming man. He was too scheming.

Freya drooled as she observed his body for some time. Then, she typed and replied brazenly: [P*****t. Why do you still bother wearing pants if you’re already so shameless?]

After she typed it, she felt something was off. It felt as if she was implying something else.

As she was about to delete the message, Dani, who was fast asleep by her side, suddenly let out a whine, opened her eyes, and cried.

Freya quickly threw her phone aside on the bed. She bent over in a hurry and patted Dani’s chest gently.

Dani cried for some time. After making a fuss for five to six minutes, she finally fell asleep again.

Freya picked up her phone, only to realize in shock that the message earlier had been sent out unintentionally because the phone had grazed the blanket.

Two minutes ago, Ryan sent her a message: [I’m embarrassed. What do you mean? Are you trying to make me take a picture of myself without pants?]

A minute ago, Ryan: [Ahem, I don’t think I can do it, but it’ll try my best.]


Freya felt as if she was struck by lightning.

‘Heavens, please send me a lightning bolt and k**l me.’

‘Or throw a brick and see if it’ll hit me, and I’ll d*e.’

She immediately replied: [No. You’ve misunderstood. Dani woke up just now, and I went to coax her…]

Before she could send the message, she received a picture first.

She tapped the picture, trembling. After downloading it, she almost had a nosebleed.

In the picture, Ryan was only wearing men’s boxer shorts. The gray pajama pants earlier were gone, exposing his straight, long legs in the air.

Freya did not want to look, but her eyes rested uncontrollably on the picture.

After a moment, her face started burning up.

Ryan sent a message: [This is my limit. I can’t go any further.]


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