Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2200

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2200 – “Freya, you don’t understand. Sometimes, it’s necessary to push Ryan.” Old Master Snow said angrily, “Also, he must stop getting in touch with the man out there. By the way, where is he? Why hasn’t he shown up?”

“I asked him to come, but he hasn’t come back. He’s probably afraid of being criticized,” Nathan said with an ashen face.

“What a rascal. The two of them are becoming more disobedient.”

Old Master Snow had recently fallen from power. As he had nowhere to vent his anger, he pointed at both his sons and began lecturing them, “Look at how the two of you have educated your sons. I don’t need to talk about Rodney. He cheated in his relationship and had an affair. How blind of him. Nathan, I thought you educated your son well but it turns out that the young man is interested in men. Does he want to anger me? Is everyone planning to leave the Snow family with no descendants?”

Nathan and Jason hung their heads without uttering a word.

As the only son in the immediate Snow family, Carson said weakly at once, “Grandpa, don’t be mad. I promise that I’ll get a proper job and not fall in love with men. When I get married in the future, I’ll be faithful to my wife too.”

Old Master Snow stared at him sulkily. Indeed, Carson was always obedient. He was not scheming nor full of lousy ideas. However, he was not as talented as Rodney in business, as deep and cunning as Ryan, nor as decisive and calm as Jessica. Since he was born, he was considered average among the descendants.

It was impossible to pin his hopes on Rodney, who was rebellious and disobedient. Plus, Rodney was so foolish that he married Sarah, who could not get pregnant. He was fond of Dani, but she was a girl, after all.

Now, the only person left was Ryan.

With that, Old Master Snow said solemnly, “Nathan, I don’t care how you’re going to do it but you must turn Ryan straight.”

Freya, who was standing at the side, was at a loss for words.

She had the urge to say that there was nothing wrong with Ryan’s s****l orientation. He only made the mistake of falling in love with Old Master Snow’s ex-daughter-in-law.

Nevertheless, she did not dare to say it. If she did, Old Master Snow might pass out there and then as a result of his rage.

After dinner, Freya and Heidi sat together in the car on their way back to The Lodge. The tense atmosphere in the car could be felt.

“Freya, since you’re quite close with Ryan, can you tell me whether he’s deeply in love with that man?” Heidi suddenly stared keenly at Freya.


How should she put it in words?

Freya was so morose that she wished she could beat Ryan up for being involved in a s*****l with someone of the same s*x.

“Godmother, I don’t know,” she said reluctantly, “Perhaps… it’s a misunderstanding. Maybe he’s just not interested in Summer. A young man like him prefers the freedom to love.”

“That was what I initially thought. But recently, I’ve been hearing the news about Ryan meeting that man. He even went to meet that man on New Year’s Day,” Heidi said feebly.


Freya was dazed. Ryan came to meet her on New Year’s Day. What on earth did he do to hide it?

Nathan said with a snort, “Tomorrow, I’ll send him to the grassroots level to suffer.”

“Godfather, it’s not that serious.” Freya panicked. She did not want Ryan’s future to go bleak because of her.

“Freya, you don’t understand. If he still sticks to his bad old ways, his future will be at risk as well,” Nathan said, “We can’t accept someone with such a s****l orientation in a top position.”


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