Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2198

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2198 – Catherine asked with a grin, “If such a man appears by Sarah’s side and shows a slight interest in her, do you think she won’t be swayed?”

“Of course, she will.” At the thought of the plan, Freya became interested as well. ” Judging from Sarah’s character, I reckon she disdains Rodney now. Cathy, how did you find such a man? Is Grady willing to cooperate?”

“Don’t worry. He’s Matthew’s good friend, so he’s willing to help. Let’s leave it to Matthew to return the favor,” Catherine said with a smile, “What’s more, the man is actually quite a playboy. Anyway, it’s just a matter of sleeping with a woman. Plus, I found a top psychologist to teach him how to prevent himself from being hypnotized.”

“Cathy, how thoughtful of you.” Eliza praised her. “Sarah is likely to hypnotize Grady to make him fall head over heels for her.”

“It’s not a possibility but a certainty.” Catherine was certain. “Now that Sarah has difficulty moving, she won’t have the confidence to make Grady fall in love with her at first sight, so the only solution is to make use of her hypnosis skills.”

Freya burst into laughter. “I can’t wait for it. I can’t wait to see Sarah cuckold Rodney.”

After they dispersed, Freya returned to her department.

Eliza, who was not in a hurry to leave, lingered in the elevator for a while until Catherine walked over. “You texted me to wait for you alone here. Is it because there’s something you can’t say in front of Freya?”

“There’s a gap in the plan that I shared with you just now. I need you to help me with this gap.”

Catherine looked into Eliza’s eyes.

“Say it and I’ll certainly do it,” Eliza said calmly despite knowing that the gap was probably unusual.

Catherine pursed her pretty lips for a while before she said, “I want you to personally tell Rodney that you were the one who kidnapped Sarah when you see him next time. Don’t worry, the incident is over now. If you suddenly reveal it, he won’t be able to record it. Even if he learns about it, he won’t be able to do anything. Plus, I believe… Chester has helped you clear all the evidence.”

Eliza jerked, her dark eyes revealing mixed feelings and awkwardness. “It turns out that…you already knew about it.”

“You’ve been spending more time in Canberra lately, so it was harder to ask you out. When we’re out for a meal sometimes, I notice that you always avoided us whenever someone called you. But we could clearly see the impatience in your eyes. Also… I caught sight of the hickeys on your body the last time.”

Catherine sighed lightly. “It’s easy to guess certain things. On the day you kidnapped Sarah, it was Chester who informed Freya of it. He knows everything that happened. He’s not a good person, but he suddenly protected you and even went against Rodney. He definitely didn’t do this for Shaun and me. He must’ve had an ulterior motive. All he wanted to do was threaten you.”

“Cathy, you’re so smart.”

A deep sense of embarrassment crossed Eliza’s pretty face. She tightened her grip on the purse in her hand.

“I’ve never looked down on you. You’ve always been my good friend.”

Catherine promptly said, “I even thought about helping you, but Chester is too b****l. If I had threatened him, he’d only behave more aggressively and refuse to listen to anyone. Chester is the cold-blooded type. He’s probably just infatuated with you for now. He might get bored of you after some time.”

“I think the same way.” Eliza smiled wryly. “Cathy, I’m thankful that you have never looked down on me.”


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