Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2187

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2187 – “You can rest with ease. I’ll contact a car repair center here in Melbourne. They’ll go to your place to collect the car and send it back after the repair is done. You don’t have to handle this matter anymore,” Ryan said.

“There’s no need for that. My driver can repair it.”

“That won’t do. My girlfriend drove out late at night because of me. I have to do a great job as I’ve just assumed the position of your boyfriend. What if you demote me because I didn’t perform well?” Ryan said jokingly. “I’m trembling in fear now.”

He kept mentioning the words ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’.

Freya had to accept that she had truly agreed to date him.

This year was filled with the most ups and downs in her entire life.

This year, she got married, gave birth, got divorced, and found another boyfriend.

It was like a life told in legends. She was utterly in awe of herself.

When it was almost midnight, Catherine sent a Whatsapp message in their group chat: [Happy New Year! I hope my two friends in this group chat can find a good man for themselves and make a fortune. Let’s earn lots of money together.]

Eliza: [Yes, making a fortune is nice. I hope for you two to be happy every day and that all your wishes will come true.]

Catherine: [Eliza, it’s okay if you don’t want a boyfriend, but you should still satisfy your desires. Otherwise, there’ll be times when you’ll feel lonely during the long nights.]

Eliza: […]

Freya: [Haha. Cathy, I’m going to d*e laughing. It seems like you were very lonely during the period Shaun wasn’t by your side.]

Catherine: [Nope. However, after being with him, it’s true that I feel lonely when he’s not here sometimes.]

Freya: […]

Eliza: [Did I just hop onto a d***y ride?]

Catherine: [Good luck, sisters. You can also find handsome younger men.]

Eliza: [Are you revealing your heartfelt thoughts? I’m telling Shaun.]

Catherine: [Uhh, don’t. I might not be able to get out of bed tomorrow.]

Freya: [Enough. Stop showing off.]

Freya: [I’m letting you guys in on a huge secret. I’m not single anymore. I got a boyfriend just now. Hahaha.]

Eliza: [???]

Catherine: [Ahhhh, I’m shocked. You actually said yes to him.]

Eliza: [Are you guys talking about Ryan?]

Freya: [I’m surprised. Eliza, how did you know?]

Eliza: [On the day of the celebration banquet, Ryan came not long after Cathy took a picture of you with Peter and posted it on Instagram. Wasn’t she trying to provoke Ryan on purpose?]

Freya: [What? Did such a thing happen? Catherine, explain yourself right now.]

Catherine: [Haha. You should thank me. If it weren’t for me being proactive, you could only be jealous seeing him being too close with other women. See? I forced him to confess first. It’s better than you confessing to him.]

Freya: [It’s impossible. Me confessing to him is like a pipe dream.]

Catherine: [Should I have taken photos of you when you were looking absent-minded in the company some time ago? I even gave up on nagging at you. You kept staring at your phone whenever you were having meals with me as if I was just air.]

Eliza: [How pitiful…]


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