Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2175

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2175 – Once Freya arrived at the banquet hall and handed over her gift, a cringy sound came from behind.

“Oh, isn’t this Freya? It’s been a long time.”

Freya turned around, only to see Linda walking over with her hand placed intimately on a grey-haired and big-bellied older guy’s arm.

Although Chase had told Freya about it, she still felt deeply disgusted when she saw that 70-year-old director in person. At that age, he could even be Linda’s grandfather. It was impressive that Linda could marry him.

It was one thing for Linda to get married to him, but another to have no sign of embarrassment on her face at all.

She was dressed extravagantly with branded items from top to bottom as if she was afraid people would not know that she had gotten married to a rich man.

“Brother Lance, this is the Lynch Corporation’s Young Lady,” Linda said daintily to Director Cartman beside her. “But she got a divorce some time ago because her husband had an affair. You know about that incident too, right? The man had an affair before his baby was even 100 days old.”

Director Cartman completely ignored Linda, but his eyes lit up when he saw Freya.

He now realized that Linda, whom he thought was pretty at first, was far lacking in elegance and taste compared to Freya.

“Hi, Miss Lynch.” Director Cartman extended his hand with a smile.

Freya had seen that gaze before, and a sense of disgust overwhelmed her. However, there were guests around them, so she did not reveal her contempt. She simply smiled and said, “Hello, Grandpa Cartman.”

That sentence made Director Cartman and Linda’s faces stiffen.

Linda, in particular, was fuming. Freya was older than her by a year, yet she addressed her husband as a grandfather. Freya was not obviously making fun of the fact her husband was old.

Director Cartman faked a smile and said, “Well, Miss Lynch, you’re making me look very bad.”

After he spoke, he looked at his extended hand.

Freya smiled. “My godmother had reminded me to be aware of my identity when I left The Lodge. Excuse me.”

After that, she bowed slightly and entered the venue, ignoring Director Cartman’s hardened expression.

Chase shrugged helplessly. “Director Cartman, do your children and grandchildren have too much free time on their hands? Although Miss Lynch is divorced, The Lodge still dotes on her a lot. Look, she’s back from The Lodge to spend time with her parents for the New Year. After all, you’re also aware that this may be the last month the Lynch family will be spending in Melbourne, so it’s very special.”

Director Cartman’s expression changed. He regretted being rash just now. “I heard that the Lynch family is moving to Canberra. Is that true?”

“Of course. They’ve even bought the land and villa. Although the process was slightly difficult, the Snow family supported them. Besides, Miss Lynch’s company is doing well too.” Chase glanced at Linda with a smile. “Director Cartman, you should keep an eye on your partner. Don’t let her run her mouth and cause trouble. After all, the Harrison family still has some collaborations with RF Group. I don’t wish to have to switch partners halfway through the project.”

Then, Chase turned around elegantly and left.

Linda snorted with gritted teeth. “Chase has a good relationship with Freya. I’m sure he’s just scaring us. What backing can a woman that the Snow family divorced have? They’re just intimidating us. Don’t you think so, Brother Lance?”

Director Cartman glared at her expressionlessly and said, “You’d better watch yourself and don’t talk nonsense when you’re in there.”

After all, he was old. Although he found Freya beautiful, he was dissatisfied with her scornful comment.

However, he had to admit that if anything were to happen, his useless children and grandchildren would be done for.

Linda widened her eyes in disbelief. After a short moment, she bit her lip and lowered her head without saying anything else.

If she had to choose someone she hated the most in her life, it would undoubtedly be Freya.

There was nothing she could do when Freya and Rodney were married in the past. Hence, when she heard Rodney had an affair and abandoned Freya, only the heavens knew how happy she was.


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