Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2162

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2162 – [Those who can sit in the front row seats must not be ordinary people. Is she a daughter of a wealthy family?]

[Haha. The fairy that all of you are talking about isn’t just any daughter from a wealthy family. She’s the prime minister’s goddaughter, Freya Lynch.]

[The Freya Lynch who was abandoned by the Snow family’s eldest young master some time ago? It can’t be. She’s surprisingly beautiful.]

[She’s not just pretty. She’s also the founder of Freycatheli, okay? All of Freycatheli’s products are developed by a team led by Freya.]

[She’s so gorgeous and capable, yet Eldest Young Master Snow still had an affair. Were his eyes covered in sh*t?]

[Freya is so elegant. I think she and Pete make a lovely couple.]

[Please, she is a divorcee. No matter how great she is, she doesn’t deserve our Pete.]

[The one above, how great is your Pete? He has only acted in a few dramas. Can his status and achievements compare to Freya’s? I’m speechless.]

[Although she is a divorcee, she’s pretty and talented. I support her and Pete being together.]

[I support them too. I ship Tera. Peter x Freya ftw!]

[I’m a Tera fan too.]

Looking at the comments that were going increasingly off-topic, Ryan’s handsome face looked as cold as ice. “Mister, can you drive faster? Why haven’t we arrived yet?”

“Young man, there’s traffic in the front.” The middle-aged driver said helplessly, “I think some company is having an event tonight at the hotel you mentioned. Many celebrities are attending, so a lot of girls are heading there. I have already made a few trips there today.]

After speaking, he added, “Oh, look. The traffic in front is stuck again.”

Ryan glanced at the map. There was still a distance of four kilometers to the hotel. “You can stop by the roadside. I’ll rent a bicycle to go there.”

Once he made the payment, he rented a bicycle by the roadside and cycled speedily.

However, when he arrived, his hands were almost numb from the freezing cold wind.

The security outside the hotel was tight, but it was not hard for Ryan to get in.

After making a call, the hotel’s manager personally led him to the banquet hall. The performance on the stage was almost ending. Meanwhile, a group of artists and people from the fashion industry were toasting and chatting below the stage.

Freya just happened to be sitting together with Peter. As everyone was talking, she and Peter started to converse with each other as well.

“When I was working in the fashion industry overseas, I was acquainted with the head designer of Cartier…”


A familiar voice suddenly came from behind.

Freya thought she was hallucinating. Then, she turned back and saw Ryan walking toward her in large strides.

Never mind if he came, but the coffee-colored b****r jacket he wore was very different from the elegant style of the banquet hall. He stood out like a sore thumb and attracted many people’s gazes.

Freya was stunned until Ryan walked up to her, revealing a gentle and doting smile. “I’m sorry I’m late for tonight’s banquet.”

Freya was utterly puzzled.