Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2155

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2155 – Freya was not a petty person. Usually, when guests wanted to carry Dani, she would agree to let them hold her. Not only that, she was happy as a mother when others liked her daughter for being so adorable.

However, she felt like Ryan was trying to please another woman at that moment and was using her daughter to do so. She did not like that at all.

If she were to refuse him, the atmosphere would become awkward. It would make her look childish as well. Therefore, she could only bite the bullet and hand her child to Ryan.

After Ryan carried Dani, he immediately moved closer to Summer’s side. They were looking at the child together with their heads lowered. Ryan even made Dani laugh from time to time. When Dani giggled, Summer would smile happily as well.

“Ryan, look. She has two little dimples when she smiles. That’s so adorable.”

Freya could not continue looking at this scene. She averted her gaze and took two sips of water from her glass.

Heidi had a mysterious smile on as she inched closer to Freya’s ear. She said, “Freya, look at both of them. Are there sparks between them? I rarely see Ryan being so friendly with a woman. I think there’s hope.”

“… Mm.”

Upon seeing Heidi’s happy expression, Freya could only force a smile. “Summer seems nice. She’s pretty and composed.”

“Yes. I see that she likes children quite a lot too. If she were to have kids with Ryan, she’d be a good mother.” Heidi kept praising Summer.

Ryan’s children…

Freya felt like her heart was p*****d by a needle.

If she could, she really wanted to leave this place and stop eating. However, she was at the official residence. It was not a place where she could do as she wished.

When all the food was served, Nathan returned as well.

Summer did not fear Nathan’s identity at all. She even started conversing with Nathan openly, making him and Heidi laugh a few times.

Freya noticed during the meal that Ryan kept putting dishes in front of Summer without anyone else knowing. Summer glanced at Ryan shyly. “Ryan, how did you know that I like to eat sweet potatoes?”

“I noticed it after eating a few times with you.” Ryan glanced at her with a warm smile. His gaze was undoubtedly gentle.

Freya lowered her gaze. She had imagined what Ryan would look like after he started dating. It seemed like he would look just like this.

In the past, he would always put her favorite dishes on her side of the dining table. However, since another woman was present, he did not do that anymore.

When the mantis shrimps were served, Ryan even helped Summer to remove the shells.

On the other hand, Freya bled a few times from getting p*****d by the sharp spikes of the mantis shrimps.

However, Ryan would not help her shell shrimps anymore. She could only wipe her hands with tissue in silence.

That was the most aggrieved that Freya had felt during a meal. After the meal, Ryan even invited Summer to visit the place he stayed.

In the dark of the night, she saw Ryan and Summer’s silhouettes disappearing into the building in front together.

Freya lowered her head and went back to her place.

In the past, she would feel like everything was fine after coming back and looking at her daughter’s smile. However, even though Dani was by her side that night, she still felt annoyed. She was so irritated that it was as if a stone was pressing on her chest. She wanted to find someone to drink with her. She was annoyed to the point her gaze would shift to the building that Ryan stayed in from time to time.

What was he doing with Summer?

They were a man and a woman alone together. They could not possibly be sitting under the lights, reading books and chatting. They would at least be holding each other’s hands and kissing…

Freya sat up straight. She did not want to think nonsense anymore. She was a mother. Her responsibility was to accompany her daughter well. She had to bathe Dani and play with her.

At 9:00 p.m., she heard the nanny’s voice at the door while feeding Dani milk in the living room.

“Good evening, Young Master. Have you come to visit Dani?”