Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2152

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Forrest laughed. “Am I the one who wants it to be this way? Jessica, you should know it better than anyone else. You’re too cruel. After returning to Australia back then, what did you promise me? You said you’d let me propose our marriage to your parents after some time. However, I waited and waited. In the end, you broke up with me before you got married to another man.

“Never mind that, why did you switch my sister’s medicine? After she got pregnant, you even threatened her with the Lynch family’s matters. You did not allow her to get an a******n and had her marry your useless brother. How had all of you Snow family members hurt and betrayed Freya? She has always been doted on in our family since young. The Snow family destroyed everything.

“If you have even a sliver of conscience, or if you even have a trace of guilt toward me, you wouldn’t have hurt my sister like that. What’s done is done and can’t be reversed, do you know that?”

Jessica clenched her hands that were under the blanket. Her pretty face was as pale as snow with a bitter and painful expression. “Forrest, switching your sister’s medicine was the biggest mistake of my life. I was selfish. I thought that after the Lynch and Snow families were brought together, I would be able to… meet you…”

“I see.” Forrest looked like he had heard the most absurd joke in the world. He laughed out loud until his eyes reddened. “That means I was the one who harmed Freya. If I could do everything again, I f*cking wish that I never met you overseas back then. Me getting to know you is the Lynch family’s greatest misfortune.”

He put on his clothes after he spoke. Then, he slammed the door and left.

Behind him, Jessica’s chin was raised haughtily, but tears were falling from the corners of her eyes.

In her world, her head could not be lowered even if she was crying.

Forrest exited the suite in a daze. After he got in the car, he buried his head in his knees in agony.

His phone rang. It was Freya.

“Brother, are you awake?”

Hearing his sister’s voice, Forrest’s heart was filled with guilt.

As a brother, he did not check on Freya and Patrick properly. He could not even be of help when she was with Rodney afterward.

No matter how successful his career was, he had failed in his responsibilities as a brother in the family.

“Brother, I didn’t disturb… your good time, right?” Freya snickered playfully.

Forrest’s chest felt stuffy. “Did you and Ryan do it on purpose last night?”

“Brother, you’ve wrongly accused me. Ryan was drunk last night and he dirtied his clothes when he puked. I had no choice but to send him back.” Freya would not admit anything at all. “Haha, I was thinking that since you and Jessica were alone together-“

“Freya, stop trying to bring us together. It’s impossible for Jessica and me,” Forrest interrupted her coldly.

“It’s fine, Brother. Don’t hide things anymore. I saw you and Jessica quarreling at the Snow family’s manor last time. She’s your first love, right?” Freya said lazily, “After coming back to Australia, you buried yourself in work. There was no news about your love life. At first, I thought it was because you hadn’t met the person who could stir your heart. Afterward, I realized there was already someone in your heart.”

“You’re overthinking. Jessica and I are a thing of the past. Besides, I’ll never forgive everything she did to you. Don’t you hate her too? If it weren’t for her forcing you-“

“Brother, I don’t hate Jessica. Besides Ryan, she contributed a lot to my smooth divorce.”

“She wasn’t doing it for you. She did it to steal Rodney’s inheritance rights. She’s a shrewd person. She prioritizes benefits more than anything else.”

“Brother, you’ve never interacted with the Snow family members much, so you might not know them well. I believe if Jessica hadn’t threatened me back then, there would’ve been other people to do it. Some people might be even crueler.”

Freya sighed. “Look at Uncle Jason and Aunt Wendy. They were only treating me well all along because Jessica had acted as the evil person. They only had to put on nice facades occasionally. However, they had been instructing Jessica to do some things behind the scenes.”