Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2130

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2130 – Freya stood still without dodging Ryan. After all, sick people were like that. They were easily irritable and instinctively wanted to depend on someone.

“I think you’re a little warm.” Ryan was not sure either. However, when he looked at how lethargic she looked, his heart softened like a sponge.

“Let me take you to the hospital.”

He took the bag away from her shoulder and draped his arm on it, seemingly holding her politely.

Freya did not notice that he was a lot taller than her. With him by her side in times like this, she did not have to worry about anything else.

With that, Ryan brought her to a nearby hospital.

It was evening, so the emergency room was not crowded. As soon as Freya entered, she sat on the chair in the corridor while Ryan sorted out her medical record and paid the fees. Then, he took her to see the doctor and get a routine blood test.

She removed her coat and rolled up her sleeves for the blood draw.

Once the needle was extracted, Ryan pressed the cotton swab down for her and put on her coat using another hand for fear that she would catch a cold.

Freya did not think much of it until she glanced sideways at the few women who were having their blood drawn. Some were alone, and some had their husbands accompanying them. However, their husbands were just on their phones.

Then, she darted a glance at Ryan, who was hugging her tightly. Only then did something strike her, and she gave him an awkward nudge. “Why are you hugging me so tightly…”

“Stop moving. Your coat is going to fall.” Ryan pulled up the coat that was going to fall. “Take care not to worsen your cold.”

“The heater inside is on…”

“Even so, the heater isn’t very warm. Plus, there’s an exit at the side where the cool air enters.”

As Ryan was speaking, he checked the wound on her wrist. Seeing that the bleeding had stopped, he rolled down her sleeves and helped her put on the coat. He even bent down to button it for her.

Freya’s face accidentally rubbed against the sweater on his chest. In the hospital full of disinfectant odor, the faint mint scent on his sweater carried a fresh aura of a young man.

She thought to herself blankly of how she resembled a kid.

In fact, she had caught a cold and developed a fever before. However, she had only been pampered like this by her parents when she was a child. It was her first time having an adult man taking care of her so well.

“It’s going to take more than ten minutes. You can watch a movie in the meantime.”

Ryan took out her phone and handed it to her.

“I don’t feel like watching. My head hurts.” Freya shook her head weakly.

“Lean on me for a while and get some rest then.”

Ryan pressed her shoulder against his chest, and she immediately fell into his arms.

Freya froze for a moment. With her face touching his burning chest, she found herself aroused. “I don’t think… it’s a good idea…”

“You have the privilege to lean on me when you’re sick. I might not allow it if you want to lean on me on any other day.” Ryan was pressing on her to keep her from moving. Their posture was so intimate that they looked like a couple in their honeymoon phase.

Freya was too weak to escape his embrace. Hence, she stayed in his arms while holding her breath. She had to admit that it was very comfortable, especially since his body was soft. She seemed to have found something to support herself.

She initially wanted to lean on him for a short while only. However, because she did not sleep well last night, she suddenly felt sleepy and fell asleep in a daze.

After some time, someone gave her body a nudge, A pleasant, mellow, male voice sounded by her ear softly. “The result is out, so I’m going to take you to see the doctor. You can continue sleeping later.”

“Huh… Do I need to get the result?” She opened her eyes groggily.

“No need. I already have the result on the phone. We can see the doctor straight away.”

Ryan rose to his feet with his arms wrapped around her.

Only then did she realize that not only had she been snuggling in his arms as though she was boneless, but she also had her hands wrapped around his waist when she was asleep.