Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2129

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2129 – Great. Catherine was under the impression that it was one of those men Freya had met on a blind date.

However, those men were terrible. Seeing how good Ryan was at taking advantage, how could Freya be interested in other men?

Although there were news reports yesterday about Ryan coming out of the closet, Catherine did not believe it at all.

On second thought, if the Snow family found out that Ryan was interested in men, they would panic and rather have him marry Freya than let him be with a man without a child.

Tsk. Sure enough, Ryan had an ulterior motive.

Forget it. If she was right, it meant that Ryan would not mind losing his reputation for Freya’s sake. That would be an indication of true love.

In that case, she would not separate Ryan and Freya.

“Drink up the chicken soup. Weren’t you complaining about your sore throat? The soup might soothe your throat a little.”


Freya could not finish the soup alone, so she gave some to Catherine.

“This soup must have simmered for a long time.” Catherine sighed. “I reckon it wasn’t cheap.”

Freya nodded. Although the salmon salad seemed ordinary, it tasted delicious. The blueberries were yummy as well. As such, she ended up eating so much despite having a poor appetite.

After Freya had finished eating, Ryan sent her a message on WhatsApp. [Is it delicious?]

Freya replied, [So it was from you. It was quite delicious. I’ve finished everything.] Ryan: [Remember to eat the medicine. If you’re still not feeling any better in the afternoon, I’ll take you to the hospital.]

Freya: [It’s fine.]

Ryan: [Don’t take your health lightly. If Dani gets infected, it’ll be a problem. After all, she’s still young and has a weak immune system.]

Freya pouted. [Oh. No wonder you so desperately want me to take the medicine. It turns out that you’re doing it for Dani’s sake.]

Ryan: [Tsk. Why do I smell jealousy? Doesn’t it mean that I’m doing it for your sake too? Everyone knows Dani is your darling. If she falls sick, you’ll surely be so anxious that you’ll cry. I don’t want you to cry.]

‘I don’t want you to cry…’

Freya’s hand shook, and a surge of emotions welled up within her in spite of herself.

“I’m done eating. Let’s go up.”

Catherine, who was opposite her, suddenly leaped to her feet.


Freya tagged along with Catherine and left the canteen absent-mindedly.

In the afternoon, her throat seemed to hurt more, and she even felt dizzy.

When it was finally time to get off work, her lab colleague came in and said, “Miss Lynch, I just saw your boyfriend waiting for you outside.”


Only later did it hit her that her colleague had assumed Ryan to be her boyfriend after seeing him the last time.

Since she was unwell and was planning to get off work early anyway, she took off her white coat and left the lab straight away.

Upon seeing Freya, Ryan immediately walked up to her. “Are you feeling better?”

“No. It’s getting worse. I feel dizzy.” Freya started grumbling without a second thought. ” I think I’m going to have a fever..”

As soon as Freya finished speaking, Ryan touched her forehead.