Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2124

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2124 – It was in the morning, and Freya had woken up earlier than usual. She heard two maids who were doing the cleaning discussing in hushed voices.

“Is what you all said true?”

“I’m not sure, but there might be a possibility. I’ve never seen Young Master dating any women before.”


“What are you two talking about?” Freya suddenly spoke, which startled the two maids, and their brooms fell to the ground.

“No… Nothing.” The maids’ faces were pale.

Freya looked at their nervous expressions and put on a stern look. “Tell me the truth. I heard you two were talking about the young master with my own two ears. Is it Ryan?”

“Miss Lynch, please don’t misunderstand.” The maids were so frightened that their bodies were shaking. “We weren’t talking about it on purpose. We were only curious because we saw the news and exchanged a few words about it. We won’t dare to do it again.”

“What news?” Freya had just woken up, so she had not looked at her phone yet.

“This morning’s news. It’s about Young Master…” a maid said in a low voice.

Freya was in no mood to talk to them anymore and went upstairs, where she took her phone and searched Ryan up. After searching, it turned out that there was quite a lot of news about Ryan that morning. However, they were all scandals about his private life. Reporters had taken pictures of him hugging a man at a bar. There were also pictures of him holding hands with a man and walking out of a hotel after having a meal. Their actions looked intimate. Although the lighting of those pictures was dark and all of them were taken from behind, it looked like there was something going on between the two of them.

There were even reporters who had discovered the identity of the man who was with Ryan. He was quite a famous g*y.

Freya glanced at the ten thousand or more comments below.

[F*ck. This is shocking. Even the prime minister’s son is g*y.]

[Tsk. I’m disgusted at the two guys holding hands. I don’t believe that nothing is going on between them.]

[What do you mean you’re disgusted? That’s love too. We shouldn’t discriminate against them.]

[Okay. It’s okay if other people are g*y, but it’s inappropriate that the prime minister’s son is g*y too. What will the citizens of Australia think? Won’t this make more men have the guts to come out as g*y? What should women do in the future? Don’t you see that the ratio of men to women is heavily imbalanced?]

[That’s right. So many handsome guys are coming out as g**s nowadays. No wonder the number of single women has increased.]

[Ah, don’t be so certain yet. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding.]

[Haha, the prime minister’s office will surely deny this. After all, it’s too embarrassing now that word has gotten out.]


Freya could not bring herself to read the comments anymore. Some were fine, but some were very harsh. Some even verbally abused Ryan.

How could Ryan, a clean man, be scolded that way?

It made Freya very uncomfortable. However, looking at those pictures, she had a strange feeling.

She was even wondering whether Ryan liked her or not a few days ago.

Okay. She really was overthinking.

Ryan only treated her well because she was family to him.

He liked men.

Nevertheless, the incident might impact his future career greatly if it escalated.

With that, Freya quickly washed up and went to look for Ryan. However, when she got to his place, she was told that he had been called to see the prime minister.

She quickly rushed to the main building.

Just as she went in, she heard sounds of things thrown and Nathan’s scolding from the study upstairs. Even the door could not block the sounds.

She had never seen Nathan so furious before. It made her frightened.