Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2110

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2110 – It was only after the crowd dispersed that Freya asked curiously, “Is Cabin 14 of the Ferris wheel such a hit?”

“Yeah. I booked it by pulling some strings.”

Ryan laughed and explained, “Since we’re here, we should definitely take a ride in the most unique cabin.”

“But… that’s for couples.” Freya felt something strange, but the feeling was unspeakable.

“What an unreasonable comment you made. Does it mean that I have no right to choose that cabin because I’m single?” At that point, Ryan threw a sulky glance at her.

“I didn’t… mean it,” Freya stammered to deny it at once.

“I’ve never taken a ride here before, and I had no one to accompany me. But after watching the ride online, I was curious about it.” Ryan gazed at her with a smile. “Thanks for coming with me tonight. The fireworks were gorgeous.”

“I think so too.”

Freya tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled.

Why did she overthink things? Happiness was all that mattered.

“I’m going to take you for another activity…”

Ryan took her to a field with wish trees. Someone was selling cards there.

He asked for a card and a pen. Then, he wrote on the card, ‘I hope Freya will always be happy and healthy.’

Freya was stunned. She promptly said, “Don’t write about me. You can write about yourself.”

Ryan laughed. “I don’t need to because I’m content with my life at this point.”

“Isn’t there any wish you want to realize? For example, your relationship, career-” Freya reminded him tactfully.

“Miss Lynch, don’t ask for too many wishes, or G*d will think that we’re greedy. List your wishes one at a time. What matters most now is to make you happy,” Ryan interrupted her.

He hung the card on one of the wish trees. Freya, who was standing under the tree, looked up. Her heart was full, but she could not help but ask time and time again, “Ryan, why are you so nice to me?”

Ryan curled his lips as the moonlight shone on his gentle face. “It’s not because I’m nice. You only think I’m nice to you because you hardly get such treatment.”


Freya was not sure either. He could be right.

Nevertheless, she would never forget that such a good-looking and simple man wrote sincere wishes for her when she was at her lowest.


After returning to The Lodge, Ryan took out a capsule toy from his pocket and placed it on her palm. “I got it when you were in the restroom. When you go home, open it and see what’s inside.”

“… Alright.”

She flashed a bright smile at him before turning around and getting out of the car.

After going back to her room, Freya opened the capsule toy, which contained a music box featuring a princess’ castle.

Once she turned on the music, Dani moved her limbs to it.

Freya kissed Dani’s forehead and said with a low voice, “Dani, I’m not sad at all now, really. We’ll surely get better from now on.”

Suddenly, she felt that there was nothing bad about her current state.

Initially, she thought that she would soon fall asleep due to fatigue.