Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2102

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2102 – The corners of Catherine’s mouth twitched. She could not even smile. “No, it’s about Rodney. He and Sarah are going to have a wedding.”

The elevator was silent for quite some time.

Afterward, Freya let out a long ‘ohh’, Her eyelashes were downcast, which formed shadows beneath her eyelids.

“Just start scolding if you want to,” Catherine said.

“Forget it. There’s nothing to scold. Rodney and I have divorced anyway. I don’t have any more feelings for him,” Freya said in low spirits, “It’s just that the more I think about it, the more I feel like I’m an i***t.”

“Sarah probably wants to show off and humiliate you through this wedding,” Catherine said mockingly, “Rodney must be heeding Sarah’s every word right now. However, he doesn’t know that this will only make the public and the wealthy families of Canberra more disgusted with them.”

” … Whatever.”

Freya smiled bitterly. She did not know if other people would be disgusted with Rodney and Sarah, but she did.

The elevator doors opened at the floor of the president’s office.

Catherine held Freya’s hand and walked out. “Come. I’ve hired a new assistant today. I’ll let you meet him.”

The office’s door opened. When Freya saw Hans in a black suit inside the office, she was dumbfounded. Was he not Rodney’s assistant? “You… Why are you here?”

“Hello, Miss Lynch.” Hans nodded and greeted her awkwardly.

“I spent lots of money inviting him to join us,” Catherine said as she grinned. “He resigned from Osher Corporation not long ago and was looking for a job. Since we’re planning to acquire Osher Corporation, I thought we should know our enemy well first. I managed to recruit him after asking sincerely a few times.”

“Miss Jones, don’t say that,” Hans quickly said, “There are many more people who are more competent than me in your company.”

“I’m aware of your work capabilities. You’ve always worked with Rodney since the establishment of Osher Corporation, and you followed him to Snow Corporation to establish the alternative energy company. I promise to give you the position of general manager as long as you do your job well.”

Catherine gazed at Hans with deep recognition.

Hans nodded vigorously while blushing. ” President Jones, you can leave everything to me from now on. I’m experienced in operations and planning. I know many people who are in the field of public relations too.”

“Assistant Fleming, we’ll be counting on you. We need talent like you.”

Catherine’s encouragement inspired Hans.

Freya was dumbfounded as she watched from the side until Hans was in front of her. He said apologetically, “Miss Lynch, I’m really sorry about the matter of you and Young Master Snow. I had advised him when he was taking care of Sarah back then, but he-“

“You don’t have to say anything. I know better than anybody else what type of person he is. He won’t listen to other people’s advice. Assistant Fleming, welcome to our company. We’ll be colleagues from now on.”

Freya and Hans shook hands.

After he left, she gazed at Catherine in utter admiration. “When did you recruit Hans? I didn’t know anything about it. Moreover, he’s Rodney’s most trusted secretary. He’s been working under Rodney for six or seven years already. Aren’t you afraid he’ll do something detrimental to our company?”

“Don’t worry, I only went to look for him after he resigned of his own will.”