Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2096

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2096 – Rodney was not like Ryan.

Ryan was always the same.

When Freya and Ryan just knew each other, he was gentle and meticulous. After being around each other every day, he even started cracking jokes. Nevertheless, he was still very conscientious in every small matter.

It was too bad that such a good man did not like women.

Having said that, Ryan was so attentive to a child. Could he be hiding a girlish heart within him?

At that moment, Freya felt a mixture of feelings.

Ryan returned to his seat. He observed Freya’s expression while entertaining Dani. He did not know what she was thinking as she stared straight at him.

Her mixed-race-like face was wistful at one moment. Then, it became angry the next moment and regretful…

Ryan could not hold back his laughter. “Can you tell me what you’re imagining in your head?’

Freya was stunned. She came back to her senses and stammered, “Ryan, did you lie to me? I still don’t really believe that you like men.”

Ryan raised his eyebrows. “Love has no boundaries. It’s not fixed between a man and a woman. I like to think of love as a clash between the magnetic fields of two different souls which produce sparks and intimacy.”


At that moment, Freya believed in him 99 percent due to the serious tone of his words.

She drank a sip of tea nervously. “You have a point there. Can you tell me what type of men will make your heart flutter?”

Ryan’s eyebrows moved, and his pretty lips parted.


Freya raised her hand. “Don’t say it. I don’t want to know anymore.”

She could not really picture the scene of Ryan falling in love with a man.

Between two guys, would he be the top or…

Ah… For someone as attentive as him, he would usually be the bottom.

Freya gulped down the whole cup of tea. ” Although I respect all love, you have to think it through.”

She said reluctantly, “Not only that, when you’re doing that thing with guys, you might be the bottom. But if you were to do it with women, you can be on top most of the time…”


Ryan choked. When he recovered, his handsome face was flushed red from laughing.

Freya was embarrassed. “I’m telling the truth. You don’t know how much I envy men. If I were to be reborn, I want to be a guy.”

“Oh,” Ryan said profoundly, “So you want to be on top.”


It was Freya’s turn to choke.

Ryan suppressed his laughter. “It’s okay. You can treat me as your girl bestie.”

Freya was utterly speechless. How could she treat him as her girl best friend with that good -looking face of his? She really wanted him to think it over. “Ryan, can you accept being the bottom?”

“If I meet someone I like, I’m willing to do it.” Ryan gazed at her deeply.

Unfortunately, Freya did not understand him at all. She simply stared at him with her big, round eyes for a long time like a fool.

Hints of a sad smile flashed across Ryan’s dark eyes.

Soon, all the food was served.

“Stop thinking nonsense. Try this…” Ryan gave Freya a slice of grilled ribeye steak.