Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2084

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2084 – Freya did not know whether it was Rodney’s loud voice or its firmness, but her mind went blank for a few seconds.

Ryan liked her?

No, no. This was quite impossible.

Nevertheless, Ryan usually treated Dani and her very well…

Suddenly, Freya felt a little uneasy.

Besides her, everyone else’s eyes were fixed on Rodney as well.

Old Master Snow’s expression, in particular, was extremely ghastly.

Under everyone’s gazes, Ryan remained cool and said, “I do like her, but my parents like her as well. Of course, not only do I like her, but I also sympathize with her. My mom said that the more you get along with Freya, the purer you’ll find her. Perhaps you see her as a cruel and despicable woman, but all of us don’t think so.”

“Stop beating around the bush…” Rodney sniggered impatiently. “You’re just f*cking too cowardly to admit it.”

“Rodney, don’t you think you’re despicable?”

The gentleness in Ryan’s eyes was slowly replaced with frostiness. “Today is your daughter’s 100-day celebration, yet you insist on making me admit in full view of everyone that I like your ex wife. Are you trying to save your dignity, or are you hoping everyone thinks that you divorced Freya because she cheated on you and that you’re innocent? Or do you feel slightly better to think that your wife is romantically involved with another man right after you got a divorce with her? Don’t you think you’re too selfish? Do you need me to inform everyone that you officially married Sarah the day before yesterday?”

Ryan was always gentle and smiling. Hence, it was the Snows’ first time seeing him fly into a rage.

He had a passing resemblance to Jason. Despite his young age, his angry look was very similar to that of Jason, which could fill one with fear.

A hush instantly descended over the dining room.

Those who initially suspected Ryan and Freya’s relationship immediately became disappointed with Rodney.

The Snow relatives could not figure out why Rodney would marry such a woman.

Rodney’s face paled in front of everyone. “I had no choice but to marry Sarah because her life has been ruined. I need to be responsible.”

Ryan dragged the chair away and walked out. He said nonchalantly, “You can be responsible however you want. None of us is stopping you. However, you shouldn’t have made those remarks because it would embarrass Freya. What was your intention of doing it? Your intention was to involve her in the love triangle so that she would get a bad name for being indecent. This way, she would not be able to have a foothold in the Snow family.”

Freya’s eyes twitched.

If today’s matter was not settled well, the Snow family might not be fond of Freya anymore. That was an undeniable fact.

It did not matter to her, but she was worried that it would affect Dani.

Clearly, Jason and Wendy looked grim.

“Sc*mbag.” Jason directly slammed the table in exasperation.

“I’ve never had those thoughts.” Rodney glared at Ryan. “I just wanted to expose your true colors. I dare to swear to G*d that you’re interested in Freya.”

“Enough. Stop clinging to this point.”

Unable to tolerate Rodney anymore, Freya glowered at him with reddened eyes. “Are you done? We are divorced. Ryan and I are innocent, and he has never even touched my hands before. Although we both stay in The Lodge, we live in separate buildings. I don’t understand why his help would mean that he likes me. Don’t I deserve other people’s pity? Aren’t I pitiful enough?”

“What’s so pitiful about you? Are you as pitiful as Sarah…”

Rodney shouted at her without hesitation.

Freya scoffed.