Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2080

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2080 – “Why? I don’t even have the right to return to the Snow family’s house after I’ve been kicked out of Snow Corporation, huh?” Rodney darted an indifferent look at Freya, who remained seated in the wheelchair. She was dressed in a light yellow sweater, which matched her skin. Under the crystal clear lamp, she looked like she was glowing.

Meanwhile, Ryan was silently sitting beside her like a keeper.

A hint of grimness flashed across his eyes, and his handsome face tensed up.

Jason said with a deep voice, “We’re not stopping you from returning…”

“If that’s the case, why didn’t anyone inform me about my daughter’s 100-day celebration when all the relatives are here?”

Rodney raised his volume, his angry eyes darting at Freya. “Freya, we have gotten a divorce, but my child will always have my blood. You’re in no position to strip me of the right to see her.”

Freya frowned while Wendy promptly leaped to her feet and explained, “Freya isn’t stopping you from seeing Dani. I was just worried that you’d feel awkward when you both meet…”

“Does it mean I won’t be able to see my daughter forever just because it’ll be awkward?” Rodney glared at Wendy. “Mom, you miss your granddaughter, and I miss my daughter too.”

He roared like a wild beast, making Wendy feel a little uncomfortable.

Freya raised her head and exchanged looks with Rodney. “I’m not stopping you from seeing Dani. If you want to see her in private, you can. But I disagree with you taking Dani out privately because… I don’t want my daughter to have any contact with Sarah.”

“It’s my choice to take Dani to meet whoever I want. Won’t you let her interact with the man you find in the future?”

Rodney threw a glance at Ryan at the side and suddenly laughed. “Or have you long since allowed Dani to get along with the man, whom you have a thing for, every day? Dani has become very close to him, hasn’t she? She’s probably going to call him ‘Dad’ next time. Ryan, don’t you think so?”

Everyone’s expressions changed.

Ryan’s handsome face turned grim little by little.

Freya was so exasperated that her pretty face flushed red. “Rodney, watch your mouth.”

“I do watch my mouth. You’re the one who doesn’t. Do you dare say there’s nothing between you and Ryan? He has fallen for you for a long time now. Since both of you have been staying in The Lodge, who knows…”


Jason slammed the table in rage. “Rodney Snow, are you out of your mind? There’s a limit to the nonsense you’re spewing.”

“I spew nonsense?”

Rodney burst into laughter. “Haha. Ryan, I dare you to swear before everyone that you don’t like Freya. Have you never been interested in her? If you’re not f*cking interested in her, would you have helped her so much with the divorce matters, brought her to The Lodge, and dealt with me? Freya has nothing to do with The Lodge at all. She isn’t related to you by blood. F*k, you’re more scheming than anyone else. You’ve been eying your sister-in-law and yearning to be Dani’s stepfather, yet you dare not admit it. What a coward you are.”

Everyone was stunned by his words. Even the expressions of a few Snow family elders looked grave.

Indeed, Ryan and Freya were not related by blood. Nevertheless, he treated her really well, so well that…

If Ryan were interested in Freya, their relationship would be exceptionally messy. It would be a disgrace if this were spread to the public.

Old Master Snow tightened his hold on the spoon without him realizing it.

“So am I wrong in helping her?”

Ryan was the calmest person among everyone at the table despite his direct involvement in this matter. He slowly rose to his feet. “I shouldn’t have helped her with the divorce matters, brought her to The Lodge, and dealt with you. I should’ve let you mess around out there while leaving your wife submitting to the humiliation. I should’ve let you take Dani to Sarah so that she could become Dani’s new mom.”

Rodney’s handsome face twitched a little, and he glowered at Ryan with resentment. “I’m asking you, Ryan. Do you have the guts to admit that you like her?”