Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2074

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2074 – “What ideas do you have in mind?” Freya became excited.

Catherine said playfully, “Actually, Sarah doesn’t like Rodney. She’s simply using him. I think she likes Shaun more, but she just can’t get hold of Shaun at all.”

“You’re right. I believe that if only Chester had shown a bit of interest in Sarah back then, she wouldn’t have chosen Rodney. Although Chester is sc*mmy, he is capable.”

“Mm,” Catherine replied and smiled vaguely. “Say, once Rodney and Sarah get married — when they spend more time with each other, and Rodney’s career continues going downhill, do you think Sarah will want to have an affair when another man richer than Rodney appears?”


Freya, who was eating oranges, was so shocked that she choked. “Do you want Rodney to be cheated on?”

“He has done the same to you. Don’t you want him to experience the feeling of being cheated on as well?” Catherine asked playfully, “Or will you feel sorry for him…”

“To h**l with feeling sorry.”

Freya blurted out some foul words in a rush. “I desperately want him to be cheated on for his entire life. I will never forget the things he has done to me even if I become a ghost.”

“Okay, as long as you won’t feel bad for him.” Catherine was relieved. “There are many with Rodney’s current net worth in Canberra. Besides, I’ve collaborated with local and international cosmetics companies to grab the chance to suppress Osher Corporation while it’s being surrounded by scandals. After a year, we’ll acquire Osher Corporation when it can’t hold on anymore. ”

Freya was dumbfounded. “What are you talking about?  I  don’ t  understand  a word  you’re saying.”

“Oh, the incident of Rodney betraying you and cheating on you has become quite a big issue. I added fuel to the fire behind the scenes with other cosmetic companies. Now, many women are boycotting Osher Corporation. You, too, know that

skincare product consumers are made up primarily of women, and Rodney’s terrible actions have provoked the strong dissatisfaction of women across the country. Since Osher Corporation’s market in Australia is pretty huge, many companies have been wanting to eliminate it. In this age of the internet, reputation is crucial if a company wants to survive. What I’m doing now is to ruin Osher Corporation’s reputation.”

“Wow… You’re incredible, boss.” Freya was overwhelmed with admiration for Catherine. “What comes after that?”

“Rodney is still quite capable, so he’ll definitely think of a way to restore the reputation. However, he has lost the Snow family’s inheritance rights.

Who would want to help him then? Of course, Chester can do that, but I’ll ask Shaun to stop Chester from helping Rodney.”

Catherine laughed and said, “Even if Osher Corporation manages to overcome this hardship, it will suffer huge damage, and its reputation will be ruined. No one will buy its products, so it can’t hold out for long. During this period, I’ll continue launching our newly developed products. We’ll move on to facials, hair salons, family products, and many more. We’ll expand Freycatheli. As for Osher Corporation, I’ll acquire it in two years, and by then, we can make Rodney work for us.”

Freya did not know what to say.

She was curious whether the company she had established could develop that far.

Was that Freycatheli?

“Um… President Jones, why would you have such a scary and ambitious idea?”

“Oh, I got the idea over the past few days of taking care of you. Seeing you hurt from Rodney’s kick as if you’re p*******d has made me very unhappy.” Catherine said aggressively, “Haha. If I don’t crush his company, my last name won’ t be Jones. Even though I had nothing back then, I still managed to make Hudson Corporation a success. So now that I have the money, power, and connections, I can definitely make Freycatheli a worldwide brand.”

Freya said, “ Say no more. If you were standing in front of me, I would definitely bow before you.”

“Don’t bow. Just get well soon and get yourself to the laboratory to develop new products.” Catherine said, “Besides cosmetics, you can research skin care, hair shampoo, and body wash as well.”

Freya glanced at her injured chest. She desperately wanted to remove her bandage and enter the laboratory now.


‘Acquire Osher Corporation.’