Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2067

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2067 – “Oh.”

A faint smile flashed across Ryan’s eyes.

After feeding Dani milk, he had breakfast with one hand.

Once Dani finished the milk, her round face expressed her delight.

Freya blinked her eyes. Indeed, her daughter was born to be a… princess.

“Hand Dani over to Aunty Cally so that you can have breakfast first.” Freya could not stand the situation.

“It’s fine. Dani is so cute. Why don’t you let her acknowledge me as her godfather?” Ryan said with a grin.

“Cough, cough.”

Freya choked. “Stop kidding.”

“Do I look like I’m kidding? Forget it. We’ll talk about it when my parents are back.” Ryan changed the topic. “Do you want to eat hotpot tonight?”

Freya’s eyes lit up. Recently, she had been having a bland diet. “But… the doctor said I can’t take spicy food.”

“Don’t go for something  that’s too spicy,  then. Wait for me and we’ll eat hotpot together tonight. I’ll buy the ingredients after work. What do you want to eat?”

“ Sliced mutton, chicken, prawns, scallops, sliced beef, needle mushroom, ham, potato… Am I ordering too much?”

Once Freya finished speaking, she became a little nervous. She blinked her large, dark eyes.

“No. These are the essential ingredients in a hotpot.” Ryan laughed.

After finishing his breakfast, he headed for work.

Freya immediately began to look forward to the hotpot at night.

Although she had yet to even digest her breakfast, she had already decided to eat less for lunch.

When she was bored during the day, she would check her phone at times.

Today’s discussion was still about Rodney.

At 8:00 a.m., Snow Corporation announced the changes to the company’s shareholders on its official Facebook page. Jason transferred 5o percent of his shares to Jessica and 30 percent to Carson. He also personally appointed Jessica to be his successor. At present, Jason remained as the chairperson, but Jessica and Carson would officially join the board of directors.

When the news was released, it caused a commotion among the public. Even the situation with the stock market became chaotic.

[Wow, it means that Jessica will become the richest woman in Australia. She’s so pretty and has a strong presence. I support the pretty woman.]

[I’m a woman as well, but why am I  so different from her? She’s not only prettier than me, but she’s also richer than me.]

[I’m curious why Rodney isn’t eligible for any Snow Corporations shares. I heard he’s the eldest son in the family. Earlier, rumor had it that he would be the successor of the company.]

[Rodney, that b*stard, cheated on his wife. What gives him the right to inherit Snow Corporation? The Snow family has made a really wise decision. I’ll continue to support Snow Corporation.]

[What a great job Snow Corporation did. I’m going to start supporting them in the future. I hope other companies will learn from Snow Corporation.]

[Is Rodney regretting it so badly that he’s about to vomit blood? He abandoned the Snow family for the sake of a mistress. Serves him right.]

[Yeah. I have a better impression of the Snow family now. Those who behave badly should pay the price. If other men learn from Rodney, women like us will be too afraid to get married.]

While enjoying her snacks, Freya looked through her phone in a cheerful mood.

When she was eating halfway, she suddenly looked down at the imported chocolate in her hand. Then, she raised her head and looked at Aunty Cally in shock. “Where’s this chocolate from?”

“I just gave it to you, ” Aunty Cally said with a smile, “There’s a lot in the house.” “… Where is it from?”

“Young Master’s friend brought it back from overseas. He doesn’t eat it, so he put it all here. Is it tasty?”

Freya was speechless.