Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2066

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2066 – When this thought crossed Freya’s mind, Ryan was already kneeling on the edge of her bed. He bent over and placed Dani gently on the left side.

With this pose, a large part of his body was arched over Freya.

He smelled like fresh mint after bathing. Freya looked up and noticed that his skin was fair while his features were attractive. His hair that had been washed hung over his forehead. At first glance, he looked like a university student, which was different from when he was dressed at work. He was handsome and cute at this moment.

He was almost her age, yet he was very youthful.

Freya turned her eyes from his pinkish lips to his prominent chin and exquisite collarbone.

As he was bending his body, the collar of his pajama shirt was facing downward, so she could even see his chest…

Somehow, her heart was racing madly.

In truth, she did not want to see it. It was just that as a divorced young woman who enjoyed appreciating beautiful things, she could not help but glance at it twice.

When she wanted to shoot the third glance, Ryan had already placed Dani on the bed. He straightened his body and stared at Freya with his dark eyes.

Freya said, “… I appreciate your effort.”

“I think Dani has peed. It’s time to change her diaper.”

Ryan swiftly took a diaper from the chair. Again, he bent over to carefully change the diaper for Dani.

Freya was nervous. “Will she wake up?” “No. I’m experienced in dealing with it.”

Ryan’s reply stopped her from questioning further.

Freya watched his action, wondering how he could be more cautious and attentive than her.

Surprisingly, Dani was still deeply asleep. However, Ryan’s pose…


Freya’s face was slightly burning.

He was wearing a pair of silk pajama trousers. When he bent over, his bottom looked quite firm…

Admittedly, she should not have looked at it. However, how could she resist admiring a good- looking young man when he was lying on her bed in the middle of the night?

When she had just started admiring him, he was done. He moved away from the bed and asked Freya, “ I’m going back now. If there’s anything, just call me.”

Freya nodded.

After Ryan left, she leisurely wriggled her body downward.

While wriggling, she suddenly realized a problem. She… was not wearing a bra. She did not use the blanket to block the crucial part either. Given that Ryan was so close to her just now, he must have seen everything.


All of a sudden, she was extremely ashamed.

She silently took the blanket to cover her face. She wanted to bury herself in a hole.

The next day, when she headed downstairs in a wheelchair, she saw that breakfast had been sent over from the main building.

Ryan sat at the dining table in front of the French window. With the sunlight shining on him, he explained, “My parents took a private plane and left at six this morning. There are only the two of us in The Lodge. Since it’s inconvenient for you to move around, I had your breakfast sent here.”

“You could’ve just eaten there. It’s troublesome for you to run around.” Seeing him reminded Freya of the embarrassing incident last night. She was so embarrassed that her face flushed.

“It’s boring to have breakfast alone.” Ryan took Dani over from the sitter. He skill fully took the milk bottle and fed Dani while she lay in his arms.

While feeding Dani, he looked up. “Why is your face so red?”

“… Uh, it’s hot.” Freya promptly looked down and had her breakfast. She could not tell him that it was because of embarrassment.