Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2063

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2063 – From the car park, Ryan had to pass by a garden before arriving at the building where Freya stayed.

Freya felt very awkward being nestled in his arms. Although he had even carried her to the hospital before this, she did not feel anything much due to the physical pain.

Now that he was carrying her in his arms again, she could see his prominent chin and clean collarbone the moment she lifted her eyes.

Somehow, her face started burning. “Am I… very heavy? Can you carry me?”

“Yeah… you’re heavier than before. Why don’t you put your hands around my shoulders? It’ll be easier for me,” Ryan said after lowering his head.

“Oh.” After listening to him, she put her hands around his neck without giving it much thought.

Ryan’s body jerked.

She got a fright and instinctively tightened her grip. She then shouted, “Ryan, oh, Ryan, carry me properly. I can’t fall again.”

Looking at her panicked expression, Ryan forced a smile. “Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall.”

He felt a strange sensation in his body when she wrapped her hands tightly around his neck just now.

In fact, she was not heavy. Rather, she was soft and fragrant. To him, she was like a soldering iron that could b**n his hands, yet he liked it.

After carrying her to the living room, Ryan placed her on the couch.

Aunty Cally instantly carried Dani over.

Freya, who had not seen her daughter for one week, could not stop playing with her. Given that she was unable to carry Dani, Aunty Cally placed Dani on her lap.

When Dani saw Freya, she felt a sense of familiarity. Her laughter was still cheerful and lively.

Suddenly, seeing Dani seemed therapeutic to Freya, who had been unhappy recently.

Although she had divorced Rodney, she would stay strong and happy for Dani’s sake.

Shortly after, Heidi came over. As the prime minister’s wife, she had quite a lot on her plate as she had to attend all kinds of social functions.

At night, Freya was brought to the main building to have a meal. When Nathan returned, he said some words of comfort to Freya before saying, “I went to the old residence this afternoon.”

As soon as he finished the sentence, everyone fell quiet. In particular, Freya subconsciously became nervous.

Nathan darted a profound glance at his son and said with a sigh, “Old Master  Snow has agreed  to transfer 50 percent of Snow Corporation’s shares to Jessica, 30 percent to Carson, and 1o percent to Dani. The remaining shares are  still with my brother. They’ll go to Dani after she grows up. Old Master Snow will officially announce it to the public tomorrow.”

The matter was settled just like that. This  meant that whether Rodney had a child in the future or  not, they would have nothing to do with Snow Corporation.

Freya remained silent for a long time. To her astonishment, Rodney was not eligible for any shares. Sarah would probably be pissed after she learned it.

“That’s good.” Ryan cut a piece of foie gras and said indifferently, “I believe Jessica will do better.”

Feeling speechless, Nathan glared at his son again. However, he did not say anything in front of Freya.

Heidi nodded. “Well, it’s high time Jessica took over Snow Corporation. She has done so much for the company over the years, yet you guys keep insisting that women can’t inherit the family business. Old Master Snow has always wanted to train Rodney to be the successor. No matter how much Rodney angered him, he still held out hope for Rodney. Now that he has driven Jessica to a corner, he has no choice but to listen to the younger generation. We mustn’t abandon those who have helped us.”

Nathan sighed and said to his wife helplessly, “ Regardless of anything, he’s still my dad.”