Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2060

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If the Lynch family fared well in the future and since Rodney had lost his inheritance, he might not be comparable to Lynch Corporation then. He would surely regret it.

A hush descended over the ward for half a minute.

Mrs. Lynch coughed lightly. “What he said makes sense. Why don’t…”

With that, she hesitantly turned her eyes to her son and husband.

Mr. Lynch took a sip of coffee before asking reluctantly, “Minister Snow, is the land approval really a small matter?”

“Mr. Lynch, you can just call me Ryan.”

Ryan corrected him respectfully and politely. “My parents treat Freya as their daughter, so you don’t have to stand on ceremony. We’re considered relatives.”

He had always been gentle and elegant. Despite his handsome looks, he was humble. Coupled with his gentle voice, Mrs. Lynch took an instant liking to him.

“This man is so well-educated.” Mrs. Lynch praised him. “You’re a member of the executive council. If we treat you as our relative, that would mean that we’re trying to climb to the top.”

“So what if I’m a member of the executive council? I’m only human like everyone else. I grew up eating the same kind of food as everyone else too, ” Ryan said languidly, “When I was a child, my parents taught me that I’m actually no different from other people, except that I come from a better family background.”

Mr. Lynch nodded in profound admiration.

Ryan added, “Mr. Lynch, I can just make a call and settle it. Forrest will then be able to develop Lynch Corporation in Canberra, while Freya can set up her company. The four of you will be reunited. As far as I know, Weston Creek is only a few kilometers away from the seashore. Recently, there have been a lot o f villa developments around that place. There’s also a private beach, and the lovely weather makes it a prime living area. Compared to this place, Melbourne is too moist and cold. The elderly who live there will easily experience joint pain.”

Every point he mentioned hit a nerve in the two elders.

Forrest could tell that his parents and even he were tempted.

“Okay. Thank you, then. ” Forrest reached out to shake Ryan’s hand.

Freya, who was listening to their words on the bed, felt a bit dazed.

Only after this issue was settled did she come to her senses. Her parents initially planned to persuade her to return to Melbourne, yet Ryan had convinced them to live in Canberra.

At this moment, Ryan was already discussing which villa was the best in Canberra and suggesting to Forrest the most suitable location.

After discussing it for an hour or so, Ryan rose to his feet and took his leave. “Mr. Lynch, Mrs. Lynch, Forrest, I welcome you guys to come to The Lodge anytime. I reckon Dani will be glad to see you guys.”

After he left, Mrs. Lynch said with a sigh, “Freya, how great would it have been if Ryan was the person you married. He’s so polite and well- educated. You’re the same age as him, but he’s a lot more mature and steadier than you. What’s more, he’s neither arrogant nor impetuous. What a wonderful man he is.”

Freya was at a loss for words.

Indeed, she wanted to ask why she did not have a good brother like Ryan.

If she had such a gentle brother like Ryan as well as a quiet yet protective brother like Forrest, she would be a winner in life. It would not be an issue even if she was forever single.

Mr. Lynch rolled his eyes at Mrs. Lynch. “Don’t talk nonsense. He’s the prime minister’s son, and he’s well-educated. Also, that’s wishful thinking. Are Ryan and Rodney’s identities even the same? Since Ryan’s aiming to take over his father’s position in the future, his other half must be an extraordinary woman.”

“I was just saying.”