Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2059

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2059 – All these years, Freya had been away from home, so she hardly kept her parents company.

This made her feel remorseful.

Deep down, Ryan began to feel nervous. He promptly said,  “Mr. Lynch, Mrs. Lynch, if Freya goes back to Melbourne, Dani will definitely have to go back as well. I’m sure my uncle won’t be used to not seeing his granddaughter. Also, as far as I know, your business is growing across the country. However, Melbourne is only the second-most populous city in Australia, which might limit Lynch Corporation’s development. I heard Forrest is looking for land in the most populous city. He’s planning to relocate the headquarters of Lynch Corporation and its factory.”

Forrest raised his brows. “Who did you hear it from?”

Ryan smiled. “Freya.” Freya was speechless. When did she say that?

However, considering that Ryan had helped her a lot, she silently watched him bluff without exposing him.

Forrest fell quiet. He never told Freya about it, but he might have told his parents.

At this moment, Ryan curled his lips. “ So how do you find Weston Creek in Canberra, Forrest?”

Forrest froze for a moment and frowned. “Of course, the land there is good, but…”

However, not only was the land costly but it was also not easy to obtain even with money.

This idea had never struck him previously because he never thought of begging the Snow family.

“That’s great. I can easily have that plot of land given to Lynch Corporation.”

Ryan said with a smile, “At present, the light rail and a new airport are being built there. It’s going to be the most developed area in the future. If Lynch Corporation builds a company and factory there, it’ll be more convenient to distribute the products across the country and even the world. What’s more, you’ll be head and shoulders above your competitors with such a location. Besides, Lynch Corporation is planning to grow its business overseas…”

He did not continue and held back.

He knew that Forrest and Mr. Lynch, who were both intelligent businessmen, must be tempted.

Sure enough, he saw the glow in Forrest and Mr. Lynch’s eyes. Soon, Forrest lowered his long lashes. “I admit that what you said is tempting, but I don’t want my sister to be deeply involved with the Snow family…”

Ryan grinned and shook his head. “Some involvement can’t be completely avoided. Dani is the bridge between the Lynch and the Snow families. What’s more, even if Freya returns to Melbourne, she’s still the prime minister’s goddaughter.”

Forrest stayed quiet for an instant before he asked, “Young Master Snow, why are you so willing to help us?”

“You might see me as helpful, but in my eyes, this is no trouble at all.”

Ryan said humbly, “Of course, I’m doing this partly for Dani’s sake. After all, if she grows well under her grandmother’s care, she’ll be more respected in the future. Despite having divorced parents, no one will look down on her.”

“Another reason is that my parents are very fond of Freya. Recently, they’ve been grumbling to me about how miserable Freya is. They want me to try help her and the Lynch family as much as possible. The better the Lynch family is doing, the more regretful Rodney will be.”

Undeniably, these two reasons were very convincing, especially the latter.

Mrs. Lynch was tempted, what more Mr. Lynch.

Indeed, Rodney had let them down and hurt their daughter just because the Lynch family was weak. Perhaps Rodney had always thought that Freya was no match for him.