Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2055

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2055 – Ryan raised his eyebrows. “Jessica, you’re so smart.”

“You too.”

Jessica gave him a weird gaze. Then, she suddenly thought of something and chuckled. “Do you know why my parents and even Grandpa hoped Rodney could marry Freya? Actually, no matter how good her character is, she’s just an elite lady from a small place. She even had embarrassing scandals before.”

“Were there other reasons for that?” Ryan showed a rare expression of curiosity.

Jessica looked outside the window of the corridor. “ Last year, my mom took Freya’s birth date to a fortune-teller, Master Roberts,  to check her fortune. My mom asked me to accompany her that day. Master Roberts said that Freya’s life would be extravagant since young and that she would be showered with love by her parents, but her love life would be bumpy. However, after overcoming that, she would have good fortune like queens in ancient times. She would also bring good luck to her

husband and family. I didn’t believe in these things, but older people do.”

When she paused for a moment, she saw Ryan smiling. “We thought  the bumpy part of Freya’s love life was referring to her previous relationship and the incident involving Thomas and Sarah. After that, Sarah left, so we thought Freya and Rodney had finally overcome all adversities. My parents felt that Rodney’s fortune was almost equivalent to a prince in ancient times, so his wife would surely have a queen’s fortune too. Thinking back, it was wrong. Freya’s fortune might be better than that… ”

“I see.”

Ryan was astonished for a moment. Then, he chuckled. “I believe in this reading. Look at how successful Rodney’s career became after he married Freya. Actually, I started liking Freya a long time ago, but I didn’t share a good enough fate with her. I showed up later, but I’ve never thought of snatching her away. After all, they already have a child. Since I love her, it’s enough seeing her happy. Unfortunately, a certain someone could not give her happiness. Therefore, I decided to make her happy myself.”

“I  think nobody will give you two their blessing. Freya might even find it absurd herself.” Jessica shook her head.

“Haven’t you heard of making someone let their guard down? I’ll first make her unable to leave me. Then, she’ll gradually fall in love with me. When she realizes it, I would’ve already become an essential part of her life like oxygen.”

Ryan’s expression was full of confidence. “When I like someone, I won’t care about what others think. To be honest, I don’t put much emphasis on power. However, some choices can’t be made in our family. Just like you. Do you truly want Snow Corporation? You can even create a second or third Snow Corporation with your abilities. It’s just that… you won’t be satisfied.”

Jessica did not know whether to laugh or cry. Indeed, she had some dissatisfaction.

She did not expect that the person who understood her the most would be Ryan.

“Ryan, I wish you success in advance.”

Ryan took the elevator down to the parking lot.

Just as he walked out and was about to head toward his car, a white sports car stopped in front of him all of a sudden.

The car’s door opened upward. Rodney’s long legs touched the floor, and he got out of the car. “You really appeared. When did you start conspiring with my sister?”

“Rodney, why are you still here? I thought you would’ve gone to the police station to make a report.”

Ryan smiled and said, “Didn’t you say that you’ll go to the police station and accuse Freya of kidnapping if she didn’t give Dani to you today? Hah, but Snow Corporation has already made a public statement dismissing your position. I think the police might not even talk to you.”