Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2054

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2054 – “Uncle, I’ve communicated with my dad regarding Jessica’s plans. My parents think that it’s best if Jessica inherits your position.”

Ryan smiled and said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to step down for now. Just ask Grandpa to hand over 50 percent of the shares to Jessica temporarily. Of course, I understand your worries. Therefore, I suggest that if Jessica were to remarry, her child who’ll inherit Snow Corporation in the future must have the last name Snow. If Jessica’s child is incapable of handling the responsibility, we can choose one of Carson’s future children as well for the sake of Snow Corporation’s future. As for Rodney’s children, only Dani can be in the running. His other children… They’re not allowed.”

Jessica pressed her intricate lips together and did not say a word, but she had already given her silent agreement.

After feeling shocked, Jason laughed bitterly. “No wonder Jessica dares to be so fearless in front of me. It turns out that you all have colluded earlier on.

Ryan, why are you doing this?”

Ryan smiled faintly. “It’s for my future, of course. My dad is the prime minister. Even if I can’t become the prime minister, I can still rank below the prime minister and be above everybody else. Snow Corporation is the crucial aid that I depend on.

Rodney’s private life is a mess. He believes in everything Sarah says. He’s too easily deceived. The saying goes that there should be a strong woman behind every successful man. I’ll never leave such weakness with me. It’ll be troublesome if it drags me down. Therefore, I must quickly remove those weaknesses.

“As for Carson, he’s not mature and steady enough. He’s not ruthless enough either. Thus, I think Jessica is the most suitable person.

“My dad and I are only hoping that the Snow family can go further. Since Rodney likes Sarah, we’ll fulfill his wishes and let them be together. He’s divorced anyway, and he intends to marry Sarah.

“Uncle, it’s already the new generation. Some of Grandpa’s and your ideas should’ve been eliminated long ago. To be honest, when my dad was running for prime minister, he wouldn’t have been able to assume that position if it weren’t for Jessica and me.”

“Alright. It’s the young people’s world now. I’m old. I don’t want to care anymore.”

Jason waved his hand. He smiled bitterly. He finally understood. Rodney was a disappointment. He was dragged down by Sarah in the end.

However, Ryan’s words were logical. Sarah was a scheming woman, yet Rodney believed in everything she said as if he was brainwashed. It was indeed detrimental toward future developments.

“Uncle, think positively. They’re all your children anyway.”

Ryan smiled and winked. “You should be happy to have taught such a great daughter like Jessica.”

Jason was speechless.

Yes. He should be happy, but he felt like crying too.

After leaving the office, Ryan extended his hand naturally. “Jessica, congratulations. Everything is within your control now. Grandpa will still have to give you the shares even if he’s unwilling.”

“Thank you.” Jessica shook his hand. She suddenly asked, “Are you really helping me only because I can be a better helper for you?”

Ryan smiled. He did not give a reply. He simply took out a box of medicine from his pocket and handed it to her. “I bought it on my way here. Apply it to your face. After all, you’re the president. Don’t let people make fun of you.” “You can really predict everything accurately.” Jessica accepted the medicine. She said, “Rodney might not know that he lost not because of me but because he shouldn’t have been on opposing sides with you. You like Freya, don’t you?”