Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2050

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2050 – Jason’s expression hardened.

Rodney raised his head and looked at Jessica. “ Sister, do you think you can agree to the board of directors’ request yourself?”

“Of course, ” Jessica replied indifferently. Her deep eyes were like a bottomless well. “President Snow, don’t say that you weren’t given a chance. Now, the board of directors can cast their votes. Those who agree to Rodney’s dismissal, please raise your hands.”

“Jessica…” Jason glanced at his daughter beside him in a warning.

Director Sands immediately said, “Director Snow, I think Jessica’s idea is great. Let’s vote. Hasn’t the company been doing this all along? I’m raising my hand.”

Soon, go percent of the people in the meeting room raised their hands. The others abstained from voting.

Jessica lowered her head and looked at her father. “

Dad, look. go percent of the directors don’t want Rodney to maintain his position in the subsidiary company. According to the company’s regulations, his position will be revoked. Let’s stop here.”

Jason glanced at Jessica coldly and sneered. “Fine. Revoke Rodney’s position. The meeting ends here. Jessica, come to my office.”

He left in long strides with a dark expression after he spoke.

The company’s directors congratulated Carson with a smile. “Carson, we have high hopes for you. Do your job well. Good luck.”

“Thank you, Uncles and Aunts.” Carson lowered his head and bowed. He thanked them awkwardly.

Rodney sat without moving at the side. His flirty face looked ruthless as if it was shrouded in ice.

The directors and senior managers did not think of going over to agitate him. Everyone gradually left. Soon, only the three siblings of the Snow family were left in the meeting room.

Rodney stood up, filled with hostility. He smashed Carson’s laptop and grabbed his collar. “Carson, if you wanted the position of president, you could’ve just told me. You’re my biological brother, and I’ve always taken care of you. You can’t join hands with

Jessica and stab me from the back.”

Carson’s lips trembled, but he could only lower his head and apologize. “ I’m sorry, Second Brother. ”

“Don’t blame Carson. I’m  the one who forced him.”

Jessica slowly walked over. It was winter. She was wearing a sweater with a white woolen coat outside. She had a tall figure, and her gaze was dark. “ Rodney, do you really trust Carson? If you trust him, why is he clueless about so many company matters even though he has been working with you for so long?”

“Enough. Stop driving a wedge between us.” Rodney shouted angrily like a firecracker that was ignited. He glared at Jessica in disbelief. “Jessica, have you forgotten that you’re my biological sister? You’ve always been the one who cared for me and tolerated me the most since I was young. I never thought you’d be the one to stab me from behind when I needed you the most. You really concealed yourself well. It’s terrifying.”

“That may be the case. I just don’t want to be the one who willingly keeps giving. ” Jessica shrugged. She suddenly felt sad.

Although Rodney and Carson were her brothers, their understanding of her was not as well as Ryan’s.

Maybe she had sacrificed so much that they took her for granted.

Rodney sneered and glared at Jessica. “Well, you’ve been in this high position for so long. I guess you’re unwilling to come back down and still want to climb higher. But do you think Dad and Grandpa will agree? You’re going against the whole Snow family by doing this. I admit that you’ve won today, but let’s see how long your victory can last. Those directors will be begging me to return to the company in no time. Just wait and see.”

“Are you sure? Rodney, you really don’t know me well.”

Jessica smiled nonchalantly. “Since I’ve decided to make a move, that means I have full confidence.

What do you think you rely on the most?”