Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2042

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2042 – “ I… ” Looking at Ryan’s gentle gaze, Freya felt as though she had found a refuge from her grumpiness. “I didn’t want to either. But as Rodney said, he doesn’t mind making a big fuss of it. He can do anything for Sarah’s sake.”

“I’ve  expected  these  things,  so I’m  prepared.  All you have to do is stay in the hospital to recuperate. Don’t do anything else.” Ryan took an orange  from the bedside table and peeled it with his long fingers.

Freya was dazed. “Do you really have a way around this? Can you tell me?”

“You’ll know it soon.” Ryan smiled vaguely.

Freya was curious and puzzled, but she knew that Ryan would not lie to her.

Sometimes, comparison really was the thief of joy.

Although he was a few months younger than her, he was much calmer in dealing with problems that arose.

“If he looks for you next time, tell him to meet you at the registry office straight away. Getting a divorce earlier will be good for you both.”

After being there for half an hour or so, Ryan left.

Catherine initially planned to comfort Freya. However, she noticed that Freya seemed to have transformed into a different person. Not only was Freya not crying, but she was also much calmer now. Catherine could not help but mock her in surprise. “It’s very smart of Ryan to be able to soothe you with a few sentences.”

Freya was stunned.

She did believe in Ryan quite a bit.

She never used to, but as they got to know each other better, he had never failed to fulfill what he had promised her.

Take this time, for example. She took the blame on Eliza’s behalf without hesitation, not because she thought Rodney did not have the guts to be cruel to her, but because she instinctively believed that Ryan would assist her.

Later, Ryan did it. When  she was at her wits’  end, h e showed up and took her away from the Snowden people.

She appeared to be rather reliant on Ryan without her realizing it.

After leaving the hospital, Ryan drove his black Audi to Snow Corporation.

Nevertheless, he did not go up to the office. He made a call downstairs. “Jessica, are you busy? Are you up for a coffee with me? I’m downstairs from your office…”

Jessica remained silent for over ten seconds before she replied, “Let’s meet at the opposite cafe. Give me ten minutes.”

Ryan parked his car and went to the cafe.

Sitting at the bar counter by the window, he could see the traffic below and the tall building of Snow Corporation opposite.

Shortly after, a brown Fendi purse was placed on the counter. Subsequently, Jessica, who was dressed in a creamy outfit, sat on the stool beside him.