Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2031

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2031 – However, Eliza was the sort who would seek vengeance. From the moment she learned of Jennifer’s d***h, she had lost her composure.

She even felt that her only goal of living was to take revenge.

As she was occupying someone else’s body, her life had been meaningless.

Eliza’s eyes slowly turned red with pain. She tried to hold back the tears in her eyes.

It was Chester’s first  time seeing her in such a state. He felt as though a stone was thrown into his heart, creating layers of ripples.

He stretched out his hands, wanting to hug her.

However, Eliza retreated and pushed him away. “ Chester, thank you for hiding the issue for me yesterday, but the only feeling I have for you is gratitude. You sacrificed Freya to help me, so it’s impossible for me to feel touched.”

Chester fixed his cold gaze at her. “Eliza, why must you be so realistic?” “You’re the real one.”

Eliza stared calmly into his eyes. He was very good- looking and always exuded a brilliant aura, but she would never have feelings for him. She would not feel grateful for him either. “In fact, you could’ve settled the issue for me last night. Unfortunately, I reckoned you contemplated it and didn’t think it was worth risking to help me, so you dragged Freya into the mess. This way, you were able to help me and stay out of it at the same time. You and Rodney will remain good buddies, and you’ll get a good name for saving me. How wonderful.”

“Eliza, do you know what I like about you?” Her stare made Chester uncomfortable, considering that he was usually the one casting knowing gazes at other women.

Nevertheless, a woman saw through him today, which made him feel exasperated.

Chester reached out to pinch Eliza’s chin. “I like how smart and calm you are. However, these are also the qualities I hate about you. You’re right. I haven’t slept with you, so I don’t want you to d*e. Even so, I won’t have a falling-out with Rodney just because of you.”

“Thank you for being so frank.”

Eliza pushed his hand away and nodded confidently. “That’s why I said I’m grateful to you, and that’s the only feeling I have for you. Thank you for your help. I’ll bring more money to your company in the future. I need to visit Freya in the hospital today.”

Chester did not stop her. Instead, he followed behind her, and his tone sounded like he was mocking her. “Are you sure you’re going out in this outfit? If the reporters catch a picture of you, you’ll make it to the top searches tomorrow — The Rising Star Came Out of Her Boss’s Apartment in Improper Clothing.”

“Will someone who’s willing to risk her life care about the top searches?”

After Eliza argued serenely, she walked to the door and needed to change her shoes. However, she realized that none of her shoes were there.

She hesitated for a few seconds. Left with no choice, she wore a pair of slippers and prepared to leave straight away.

“ Stop there. You’re wearing my slippers, ” Chester reminded her lazily.

Eliza tossed the slippers aside without hesitation and left barefoot.

Chester tugged her shirt and pointed at it. “Excuse me. I’ve thrown your shirt away earlier because it was too d***y. The pajama shirt you’re wearing now is mine as well.”

No matter how much Eliza hated him, she could not walk out n***d.

She stopped and glared at the man in front of her. “ How much did this pajama shirt cost? I’ll pay you ten times the price when I’m home, okay?”

“ I don’t want your money. Money is something I need the least.” Chester took a cigarette pack from the shoe rack, drew a cigarette, and held it in his mouth. “I didn’t sleep last night because of you. No matter how realistic I am, it’s a fact that I helped you last night. You can’t deny it, right?”

Eliza pulled a long face, waiting for him to continue.