Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2030

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2030 – Where was Freya?

Eliza had too many questions.

She tried to dash out the door barefoot without caring much about anything. She was not even bothered to search for her slippers as she rushed toward the door in her barefoot.


Suddenly, the room door opened from outside.

Chester entered the room, dressed in a light gray shirt and a pair of black casual pants. He was tall and graceful, and his face handsome and exquisite.

He was holding a tray with a glass of milk and a sandwich on it. His movement exuded a sense of elegance and nobility.

“It’s you?” Eliza instantly realized what had happened. “You’re the one who brought me here. Where’s Freya?”

“Have some breakfast.” Chester placed the tray on the television cabinet at the side.

Eliza grabbed hold of him, her eyes filled with agitation. “You made her stay there, didn’t you?”

“She voluntarily stayed there. You have such a good buddy.” Chester fixed his eyes on the wrinkled part of his shirt that she was holding. His tone was indifferent. “You should thank me. If I hadn’t persuaded her to go over, you probably would’ve lost your life.”

“B*stard, my affairs are none of your business. I had no intention to live from the moment I kidnapped Sarah. You shouldn’t have dragged Freya into the mess.” Hating Chester to the core, Eliza turned around to dash out.

“Where are you going?” Chester gripped onto her arm.  “Are you going  to look for Rodney? Don’t worry. Freya didn’t get arrested. The Snows are protecting her,  so Rodney  can’t  do anything  to her.”

Eliza froze. Only then did she turn around and look a t Chester. “Where  is she now? Did Rodney  hurt Freya after he saw how badly injured Sarah was?”

“Eliza, you’re actually quite smart and calm. How could you have thought of doing such a ridiculous thing?” Chester raised his brows. His deep eyes were filled with curiosity.

“ So Rodney actually hurt Freya, didn’t he?” Eliza quickly grasped the hidden meaning behind his words.

Chester’s lower lip twitched before he said nonchalantly, “Rodney kicked her and injured one of her ribs. Ryan has since sent her to the hospital, where she’s currently being treated. Having said that, this is the best outcome…”

“This isn’t the best outcome at all. Why did you drag her into the mess? She’s innocent.”  Eliza’s eyes were bloodshot. She was no longer able to stay calm, seemingly like a little beast that was going to explode.

“Chester Jewell, you’re such a busybody.” Chester snickered.

He then tightened his grip on her arm.

At one point, he had an overwhelming urge to do away with her.

“Eliza, don’t be ungrateful. Freya is Rodney’s wife, and she has given birth to his child. However, he almost sent her to j**l, seeing how badly injured Sarah was. If he had known that you were involved in the matter, he might’ve shot you d**d on the spot.”

He exposed the truth mercilessly. “And let me remind you that you’re an artist under my company. You’ve signed a contract for over ten advertisements and two television series. A movie shooting is also about to begin. If something happens to you, you’ll have to bear a compensation of seven to eight hundred million dollars for the breach of contract. It’s fine if you d*e, but are you trying to drive your mom into a corner?”


That was Eliza’s biological mother but not hers.

Nevertheless, it was Mrs. Robbins who gave birth to the body she was currently using.

Eliza was caught in a daze for a moment and admitted that she had acted impulsively in this incident.