Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2023

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [By Shallow South] Chapter 2023 – After informing Shaun, Ryan’s hand moved toward Freya’s stomach.

If it were before, Freya would definitely push him away. However, she was in too much pain to bother. Therefore, she let his fingers press down on her stomach.

“What happened?” Ryan’s brows were knitted together in such a tight frown. “Did someone kick you?”

Freya did not say a word. She just lowered her head. Her eyelashes cast shadows below her eyelids. Not long after, there were tears on her eyelashes.

“Who did it?” Ryan asked coldly. “Rodney?”

Freya bit her lip. It seemed like all of her pain and grievances were brought upon by Rodney. She felt like crying, but she did not let herself break down. However, when she spoke, her throat was hoarse. “ Sarah was badly hurt. He kicked me twice. Do you think I’m an evil person?”

“You wouldn’t have done this kind of thing, ” Ryan said without hesitation. “During this period, we’ve been staying in the official residence and saw each other every morning and night. Where would you have the brain and guts to plan a kidnapping?

Although I don’t understand why you showed up here, we can still prove your innocence by finding evidence.”

Freya did not even cry when her body was in extreme pain. However, hearing Ryan’s unconditional trust for her, she broke down and cried.

She had not interacted much with Ryan. Nevertheless, the person who understood her best was not her husband but Ryan, her brother in name.

He trusted her character firmly.

On the other hand, Rodney thought she was an evil woman.

Ryan did not expect that Freya would cry so hard. He quickly stopped the car and handed tissues to her to wipe her tears. “Don’t cry. It’s not worth crying for people who don’t believe in you.”

“You’re right. ” Freya sobbed. She looked at him, her vision blurry from her tears. “I’m just touched that you trust me so much.”

Her petite face was tear—streaked. Her hair was messy, and her clothes were d***y. However, Ryan’s heart went utterly soft. Even his tone became more gentle. “Of course, I believe you.”

“Thank you.” Freya sniffed. “But… I have my reasons. I have to take responsibility for this matter. It can only be me who kidnapped Sarah. ”

Ryan went silent. After looking at her with a complicated gaze for a while, he said, “If Sarah is badly wounded, Rodney won’t just let this matter slide.”

“Then let him send me to p****n, ” Freya said hopelessly.

Ryan sighed. “Don’t talk nonsense. No matter what reasons you have, I’ll help you anyway.”

Freya was touched. Her throat felt bitter. “Ryan, I’m sorry. I’m troubling you again.”

“I’m happy to be troubled by you,” Ryan said softly.

The atmosphere was strangely silent for a few seconds.

Weirdly, Freya’s heartbeat sped up a little. She wanted to get up to look at Ryan, but her ribs were suddenly throbbing in pain. Cold sweat broke out on her forehead as well.

“Don’t move. I’ll send you to the hospital immediately.” Ryan drove the car and stepped harder on the accelerator.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Freya was already in so much pain it felt like she was giving birth. Even walking was strenuous for her.

Ryan carried her to the emergency room in a hurry.