Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2022

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [By Shallow South] Chapter 2022 – Rodney turned around and gave his orders. “Call the police. Capture this woman and send her to the police station.”

After giving out instructions, he carried Sarah and hurriedly headed out.

He turned back after walking a few steps. He looked at Freya coldly. “You brought everything upon yourself. You have to bear the responsibilities since you broke the law. You’d better pray that Sarah doesn’t d*e. If not, I’ll make you compensate with your life.”

He left afterward.

Freya got up groggily. Before she could properly stand on her feet, both of her arms were restrained.

She was taken outside. With each step, her abdomen hurt from getting kicked by Rodney. Even her ribs were hurting. The pain made her face pale, and she was swaying as she walked.

Those people did not care about Freya’s condition. Seeing that she could not walk properly, they simply dragged her toward the car.

When she was about to get dragged into the car, a black off-road SUV sped over. Then, Ryan’s sturdy figure got out of the car.

The moment Freya saw him, it was as if she had seen a ray of hope. Tears glinted in her eyes.

Ryan came.

Freya did not know what was happening recently. Whenever she was in despair, Ryan would descend from the sky like an angel.

Ryan’s gaze focused on the hands that were grabbing Freya’s arms. A dark, icy gleam flashed across his eyes, and he walked over. There was aggressiveness on his usually elegant face. “Let her go.”

The people who were grabbing Freya’s arms were Snowden’s people. They recognized Ryan.

After exchanging glances with each other, the subordinate who had the largest build said, “Young Master Ryan, I’m afraid I can’t do that. Young Master Snow ordered me to send her to the police station.”

Ryan turned his sharp gaze to him. “Landon, you’re a member of Snowden. The Snow family

painstakingly nurtured all of you. You don’t belong to Rodney alone. You have to understand that if my grandpa and uncle were here, they wouldn’t let you take Freya away either. Freya is still a member of the Snow family. She’s also the prime minister’s goddaughter.”

Landon kept silent.

Instead, another subordinate stammered,  “But Freya barely kept Sarah alive. Young Master Snow is furious. If we let you take her away, Young Master Snow won’t let us off the hook…”

“ Is it all thanks to Rodney that the Snow family is able to achieve its position today? No.”

Ryan watched the people in front of him coldly. “ I admit that all of you have been obedient following Rodney’s words lately. It also appears as if Snowden belongs to him now. However, let me remind you of one thing. Without my father, Snowden wouldn’t be thriving as it is now. If the elites that the Snow family nurtured end up belonging to a single

person, there’s no need for Snowden to exist anymore.

“Besides, even if Snowden dissolves in the future, it’s not happening now.”

Ryan was usually a gentle person. However, once he was angered, he exuded the same aura as Nathan, which made the members of Snowden feel fear.

Ryan reached out his hand and pulled Freya into his embrace from their arms.

Freya’s body was swaying. She could not even straighten her back. Her pretty mixed-race-like face grimaced in pain as well.

Ryan carried her and placed her on the passenger seat gently. He fastened the seat belt for her and told the members of Snowden behind him, “You don’t have to report this to the police. Let this matter end here.”

After he spoke, he got in the driver’s seat. He started the car and drove away.

In the car, Freya was clutching her stomach in pain. She said strenuously, “Can you… give Shaun a call? He and Catherine… are coming over here too.”

After glancing at her with a frown, Ryan called Shaun. “You guys don’t have to come anymore. I’ve already taken Freya away… But I think she has to go to the hospital… No, we’re not going to the Jewell family’s hospital. We’re heading to Militaire Hospital…”