Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2021

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [By Shallow South] Chapter 2021 – Before Freya finished speaking, sounds of gunshots came from upstairs.

Freya was startled, and her hand jolted. The phone fell to the ground.

Before she could pick it up, a group of people marched in. The person leading them was Rodney. He was wearing navy blue pajamas. She remembered that she had bought that set of pajamas for him when she was shopping some time ago.

Rodney was wearing the pajamas that Freya had bought to save another woman.

The lamps on the walls faintly illuminated the gloomy scene.

Rodney instantly saw Freya, who was standing there. Her clear, big eyes were staring straight at him.

At that moment, it was as if Rodney’s head had exploded.

When his gaze traveled to Sarah, who was in a terrible state beside Freya’s feet, his eyes widened in anger and viciousness.

“Sarah…” Rodney rushed forward and carried Sarah gently. He was afraid of hurting her as her body was covered in wounds.

Freya thought Sarah was d***y and smelly. She had the urge to wash her hands even after touching her for a second just now. However, Rodney did not care at all. He carried Sarah as if he was carrying a beloved treasure he had gotten back after losing it.

“ Sarah, what’s wrong? Wake up, ” Rodney shouted anxiously. Sarah did not react at all. He checked her limbs. Then, he raised his head. His bloodshot eyes were glaring at Freya furiously.

“You cut the tendons of her hands and legs?” Freya’s legs trembled under his gaze.

She had never seen Rodney so angry before. In the past, she had not seen him that way no matter how badly they fought. She even sensed a hint of m*******s intent.

Though she was scared, she found it ridiculous.

Chester said she could not let Rodney be suspicious. In fact, Rodney would not be suspicious at all. He had already determined that she was the one who did everything without even asking.

It was evident that he did not understand her at all.

However, it was fine that way. A lot of trouble could be avoided.

“She… She deserves it…”

Freya stammered. Before she could finish talking,

Rodney kicked her hard in the chest. Her petite body hit against the wall behind her. She crumpled on the ground in pain. All her organs felt twisted.

Actually, her self-defense skills were decent. She had learned some skills from Catherine when she was overseas. However, she probably did not expect the man who shared a bed with her to a****k her.

“Freya, you’ve disappointed me. I never thought you were such an evil person. ” Rodney walked to Freya’s front. He looked down at her as if he was looking at an enemy. “If you were dissatisfied about something, you could’ve come looking for me. Why did you have to hurt Sarah? Her whole life is ruined because of you.”

Freya could listen no more. She retorted weakly, “ What comes around goes around…”

“ Shut up!” Rodney was like a beast that had gone crazy. He stepped on her chest. “The truly evil person is you. I was blind to have actually fallen in

love with you in the past. You can’t compare to Sarah at all. Marrying you was the biggest mistake of my life, you vicious woman!”

Freya’s chest hurt so much that she could not say a word.

She simply glared at Rodney with her bloodshot eyes. “What a coincidence. Getting married to you was the greatest mistake of my life too.”

Rodney was worried about Sarah. He did not have any more energy to confront Freya.